North Main Street Wigtown

North Main Street Wigtown

This has worked out really well Fiona. They never seem to turn out how you envisage but forget that, it's taken on a life of its own. There's a bit of Dennis here, do you agree? It 's a success in my view, definitely!

It has got “bones” now Fiona! It will also be very easy to darken the sky and parts of the buildings if you wish.

Marjorie to mention a hint of Dennis is praise enough! Thank you for your feedback it’s important. You’re right Satu I can go back in, I’ve been thinking that I could also do a few broad strokes of a darker tone here and there when dry. Thank you very much!

That’s beautiful Fiona, live the colours and marks in that.

This is lovely Fiona. However I'll be interested to see what you decide about some darker tones.

This has certainly become a success Fiona. Well done. I will be interested to see if you do make any changes.

I love this, Fiona. It is full of interest and atmosphere.

I’d leave it, looks lovely and loose but slightly abstract.

This is unusual and has a rather surreal feel about it Fiona but I love its quirkiness, especially the street lamps and foreground shapes.

I agree with Carole about the surreal feel, Fiona. Love the bright colours.

Love the street lamps , the impressionist style, and the colour palette, Fiona.

Well I for one like it just the way it is. It might not be as grey as you would like it but I love your colours, but that's just me. 😀

Well Fiona, you've had a resoundingly positive response. It has turned out rather well, better in some areas than others I feel. I do still think you should have completed it in one go - it's always easier to paint what you see, so it may be worth giving it another shot next time it's raining at your art group!

Great work Fiona a superb finish you are a natural

And Fiona it doesn't have to look as it did or as you imagined it to be it has life of it's own I wouldn't touch it. There are many more to do as you will. Really lovely

Justin, Sandra, Carol, Shirley, Brian, Carole and Mia.....thank you all for your positive comments, appreciate your time.

Annick, Linda, Alan, Dennis....thank you very much for giving me encouragement. Dennis.....thank you. Your words give me courage!

Wonderful painting, Fiona!

Oh Yes Fiona. This is good, streetlights, people etc etc .

Many thanks Cesare and Richard!

I've meant to comment on this Fiona (appologies) because it's a real pleasant eye-catcher and it works regardless of the weather (-:. It's realy nice work and I like it a lot. I don't look for reasons, just go off my own reaction. Well done.

Thank you Jim. I tend to have a reaction kind of moment when I look at a painting too. More of a natural reaction rather than a clinical one.

Lol....thank you Gudrun. I might have another go at something similar with a gloomier palette.

Ah, here it is. I've been away for a week Fiona so had to look this one up! It looks good to me, especially the cars and the blocks of brighter colours. I'd go darker.. You could darken the sky by continuing that block effect picking up the yellows, greys and more blacks. Then add a few more dark areas to the foreground and buildings on either side leaving the cars and yellow buildings? Just an idea and worth a go I think as you don't sound to be too sure?

Thanks for searching this out Louise and your advice. When I looked at it again thought, no I’m going to leave this one but I am about to start Mark two, just as soon as I’ve posted this. Much darker this time so the lights show up, I’ll keep the left hand buildings with some colour as well. Thanks again Louise.

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16”x12” oil on Arches Paper. Well, didn’t quite turn out like the picture in my head......not dark enough and not grey enough. I think I’ve managed the blurred, looking through a wet window look though. May be have another go but darken it up a bit?

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