Acrylic and Ink Monoprint

Acrylic and Ink Monoprint

I do like this rather interesting monoprint Fiona, great to see you once again experimenting and looking at different aspects of art and design. As for the film my dearest, you won't be surprised to hear me say I haven't a clue.


It's a super monoprint Fiona. Full of interesting detail and probable clues as to the film. It suggests loads of things. The inside of a cellar, ghostly figures, traps and confusion but that's as far as I can get with this one. I do like it though, bold and thought provoking.

Alan, Dennis, don’t worry about not being able to guess the title, it doesn’t have one yet. I wanted to post my last Halloween challenge but didn’t get the chance to do anything. So, as this is one of the prints I did at art class this afternoon and does sort of have the traditional horror colour scheme, I had hoped no one would notice my cop out! Thank you for your comments.

I’m glad you like it Louise, it’s a cop out I’m afraid. Didn’t get the chance to do anything to post for the Halloween challenge, as promised, but I have been working on some mono prints. This terms art classes are based on a project based on all elements that make up my local town, it could be based on buildings, lampposts, chimneys, railings gravestones, texture, colour....etc. It’s very exciting, my head is buzzing with ideas. Starting off with, basic thumbnail sketches, going on to more detailed sketches and onto expanding the ideas with colour, textures and so on. Culminating at the end of the term with one finished piece using all the investigative and development work on which to base the final piece on. I’ll post some of the initial sketches for this one later, you’re not far off the mark with your guesses of what it is.

Fiona I can see a man in a hat he is holding his arm around someone with a black sack of their head. Also I can see figure walking in the distance. I had better go before I get too carried away. Lol.

Whatever it is, Fiona. I find it beautiful. Great shapes and I love the simple colour scheme. I would see a cinema screen and the chairs in front of it. On the screen there would be a horror film, about screeming people (lol)!!!

As it's an abstract monoprint then it doesn't really have to be anything specific does it? I can actually see loads of things but the word 'Halloween' rather threw me. Could even be a supermarket with shopping trolleys and shoppers. There are many people here and it's a busy scene. Whatever the influence, I do like it Fiona and I'm looking forward to seeing the final piece. Sounds like fun and enjoy the classes.

PS. Definitely no bridge here...yet LOL

Like Dennis, I don't watch modern films Fiona and my wife and daughter go together for anything they fancy, Planet of the Monkeys and Have no Tar etc..., ie, I'm way out of date with it all. Since abstract is open to interpretation and, given the period, I'd say Freddie has a date with a firestarter and they have a child called Chuckie...or something? Sorry to be so negative. (-:

Like the artwork Fiona, but sorry to say I haven't a clue as to the film, thought it may have been the "RING"

To me it looks like people sitting watching a horror film Fiona, balcony seats on either side? But regardless of all that it's a great abstract print ;)

Thanks for your guess John, you had me searching the whole picture to find these men! Thank you Mia, that’s a very good description, I see it. Thanks again Louise, yes perhaps if I had headed as ‘abstract mono print’ viewers would have made up there own mind about its content. I’m not even going to look for a bridge! Lol

Me neither Jim, not only am I out of date with films, I don’t even watch the tv...unless of course it’s anything to do with art or gardening! Lol Thanks for your input all the same, a good guess.

Thanks David, that’s definitely a contender! Thanks very much Carole, it does look like a picture house well spotted. I think I’ve confused people with the title, I think I will edit it.

Yes it certainly looks like a picture house to me Fiona, I can certainly see cinema seats.

Well, I can see the witches black cat looking on!! Interesting piece Fiona.

Extremely interesting effects Fiona. Hope the finished project goes well.

I love the fact you move away from the traditional landscapes Fiona. This one tweaked my imagination and excites me. I love the figures. I see these as shoppers inside a department store with lots of display shelves cluttered with items. I'd call it 'department store'. It's great.

Many thanks Linda, Margaret, Adele, Michael for your lovely feedback. It’s amazing how we all interpret what we see in a different way, if it isn’t spelt out for us. Thank you for your suggestions. I don’t really do abstract art but with this kind of printing sometimes it’s a surprise what you end up with, and I was quite pleased with for the project anyway!

Thanks Gudrun, yes I’m buzzing with ideas, done lots of sketches already and starting to introduce colour, textures etc in the next couple of weeks. Very exciting!

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14x10 acrylic mono print with added ink work. Part of a project I’m doing for this terms art class, one of a number of investigations for a final piece of art at the end of term.

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