Paul Cezanne


Looks wonderful already.

Looking good!!!!!

Yes I agree looks lovely already 😍

Very good indeed Fiona! What an enjoyable course this sounds.

Looking very good Fiona

Glad you are enjoying your class, it sounds wonderful and you are getting great results. Looking forward to your Matisse!

Nice highlights on the fruit Fiona and very good blue jug (I do like to see accurate drawing). You are clearly enjoying yourself immensely! Hope you don’t get as far as Modigliani or we shall see some extraordinary jug shapes!

Your class sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see your finished artwork.

Stephen, David, Faye, Marjorie, Heather and Sarah……many thanks for your great feedback on my attempt at Cezanne. I love his work so that’s a bonus! It will be nowhere near his style but I’m enjoying the experience very much. If we do do Matisse, I’m not looking forward to it….but I’ll give it my best shot.

Michael, not so accurate, the bottom part of the jugs ellipse is a bit flat…’s on my list of to do’s. Thank you very much for your support. It is Denise, it is always exciting and inspiring. This term is especially good. Thank you.

I do like this style, the lovely little brush marks blend shades so well. This will be a real stunner with your vibrant colours Fiona.

Looking so good Fiona , I am looking forward to seeing the finish painting.

Looking really like a Cezanne, love it so far

Certainly working up my appetite Fiona. Super exercise that I look forward to seeing your end result.

I am envious of your Art classes Fiona they sound great. This is starting to look really good.

Always fascinating to see a work in progress, looking excellent so far.

Carole, Paul, Thalia, Chris, Stevan, David, I’m very relieved that it looks okay so far! Thank you very much for your positive comments.

So lively, colourful and a fantastic composition Fiona. Really like that lovely design around the top of the jug. You must be very proud of these lovely still life paintings.

Another beauty Fiona, not up to date on artists styles, but certainly love your paintings.

Thank you Carole. I’m a bit surprised to be honest at how this and the last one turned out, didn’t think I was capable of a half decent attempt…lol. David thank you, that’s very kind.

I love a) the sound of your class b) this painting c) Cezanne! Nuff said, jealous…. 🤣

Looks wonderful Fiona, very interesting style. Look tike great fun

Looking great so far x

Great job Fiona, sounds like a very enjoyable course.

The foundation’s of an excellent piece of artwork Fiona. There is a lot of skill on display here.

That's looking really good Fiona.

Looking good, Fiona!

Lol…. Tessa you made me laugh! Thank you and yes it’s a great class. Lesley, Diane, Bryan, Shaun, Val, Russell, Jenny, thank you all for taking the time to look and leave your lovely comments.

I like the "unfinished" look of this Fiona against that background.

Thank you Richard, you know it’s funny, I quite like unfinished works.

Interesting classes. It is always good to have a new challenge. You have obviously seen your apples through new eyes . Well done!

Many thanks Linda, appreciate your comment.

This is fabulous, Fiona. Actually, I do like the unfinished look it sort of tells a story. Frozen in time!

Thanks very much Ellen!

Wonderful and keep it up you will be teaching all of us soon, but I am still in love with your watercolours though which I haven’t got round to comment on yet? My apologies but I feel like I am running round in circles and getting nowhere 🤔😄 but I will try.

William, you are very kind generous with your praise, And I thank you very much. Teaching, me? That’s a good one ….lol. I barely pull it together myself!😂 I will do some more watercolours just for you 😘

Really like this Fiona.

Thank you very much Carrie.

Looking great

Many thanks Romila, hope I don’t mess it up on Tuesday.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x14” oil on paper. Art class exercise, the first of two sessions painting with the palette and in the style of Paul Cezanne . Using our own still life set up but attempting to create the brush marks and painting style of Cezanne. Lots more to do and some mistakes to rectify yet but I have another three hour class next week. Loving this term….can’t wait to see who’s next! I have a feeling Matisse will be on the cards.

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