After Robert Colquhoun...Two Irish Women

After Robert Colquhoun...Two Irish Women

You're very talented Linda to do this as a quickie, well done.

This is good Fiona, very effective with the dash of colour.

I do like to try different things Sandra, thank you for being so kind. Thanks very much Louise, google the above title, have a look at the original, this is only really the outline.

Will do Fiona, you usually give me ideas! Have just posted a 'bridgie' which you wont like much ...LOL

A great technique Fiona, really like this drawing also.

Sorry about the 'bridgie' Fiona. As I said, you give me ideas and I just couldn't help including the 'B' .. LOL

Very interesting, haven't had time to look up yet. I did see the exhibition " The Two Roberts" a few years ago in Edinburgh ( Colquhoun and McBride ), both were brilliant.

It's hauntingly beautiful Fiona!

Very good indeed Fiona! Not sure I understand printing in any form but very interesting work.

This is interesting, Fiona. Haven't heard of the off-set carbon printing method, will have to look it up!

Cleverly done Fiona. You do like to vary your work and I don't think you are afraid to try anything!

You are so clever at trying new things Fiona, I really admire that, I suppose this is the outcome of attending a really good art class. Will look this technique up, not heard of it.😀

Rather effective and it is a bit disturbing. I shall have a look at the original.

Very good and adventurous Fiona.

Many thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback. Our art group is fortunate to have the most talented tutor, who is so generous with his knowledge and experiences. It would take up far too much space to list his attributes.

love the way you keep experimenting Fiona excellent

Thanks very much David.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 off-set carbon mono print. Exploring the monoprinting technique at art group today, I haven’t tried the off-set carbon printing method before. The group had the opportunity to study the above titled monoprint up close...fabulous! This is just a quickie I did at the end of class, look up the original if you get the chance , it’s something else.

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