Beach Scene

Beach Scene

Such a lovely, tranquil piece, Fiona, so simple yet so atmospheric. Super work!

Oh gosh, Fiona.... talk about coming on in leaps and bounds. The gradation of washes going back is just right - if done with more contrast it can look as if the layers are pasted on but this is superb and shows off your skills very well. Have you changed to mainly Old Hollland paints now, and if so, I'd be interested to hear why?

Beautiful picture Fiona, love the depth you have created, a real sense of distance.

Getting better all the time. Simple but very accomplished.

Posted by K 0 on Fri 14 Feb 18:24:17

This works so well to my eyes - great choice of colours, lovely aerial perspective, and so much detail hinted at without overworking. I do like where you've put the largest seagull, I think it adds a really nice balance to the composition.

This is stunning. Simple but extremely effective. I love it.

Thank you Seok, Caroline, Mark, Kevin, Bill and Dawn for your very generous comments.

Great palette and also great economy of brush strokes which keeps the calm and simple effect of this painting. The few very well placed birds add nicely to the overall effect.

Great depth of perspective. The seagull on the left especially balances the painting very well.

By far your best Fiona. Couldn't be bettered.

Impressive work Fiona. It's best from afar because then you get the soft landings of the rocks into the water, something which is very difficult to achieve. The lighting and the washes are inspired, and it looks warm and sunny!

This has worked out very well Fiona. As many people have already remarked, you have created a very good sense of distance with the tone and colours gradually changing. I also like the little bit of dry brush on the beach. Very well done.

Thea, Pat, Alan, Gudrun, Stephen I'm ever so please you like it. As I mentioned I am still trying to get to grips with wide open spaces and trying to translate nothing into something. Thanks very much.

I should also add that the photographer did the hard work of composing the scene....thanks Jem.

What a gorgeous picture, Fiona! I echo the comments above; great gradation of washes giving superb feeling of distance. I also love the composition, the birds giving it balance without seeming to be included simply for that purpose - they look so natural. Well done!!

Thank you very much Lionel, I always welcome your comments.x

Beautiful painting of this beach scene Fiona, lovely colours and light

Such a simple scene Fiona but you've turned it into something rather special. I just love the way you've painted those cliffs. I'll be studying them very closely hoping that a little bit of your magic will perhaps rub off on me :)

Thank you Ros! Val you don't need any help, your paintings are always so accomplished and beautifully done. Thank you for lovely comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Still trying to get to grips with large open spaces. Arches paper, Old Holland watercolours. Photo, kind permission of J. Bowden.

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