A Very Happy Christmas!

A Very Happy Christmas!

Thanks and same to you Fiona. Like the loose work and the pallette

Thank you Fiona for your lovely painting and wishes! Happy Xmas to you!

Superb Fiona you are so good

A beautiful image Fiona. Thanks and wishing you a lovely Christmas and a very happy 2019 with lots of paintings :)

Lovely painting. Happy Christmas to you. I've very much enjoyed your art work .

Have a lovely Christmas Fiona and much continued inspiration for next year!

Jim, Satu, Dennis, Margaret, Lewis, Marjorie my thanks for your wishes and comments.

Beautiful painting, Fiona, Happy Christmas to you too.

Many thanks Fiona, a lovely winter scene. My very best wishes to you and yours for a Happy Christmas and a very creative 2019.

Happy Christmas to you Fiona! Lovely winter scene, like the palette.

Lovely painting lovely lady happy Christmas Fiona.

This is a lovely scene, Fiona. Best wishes to you too.

I've probably been a bit nasty to you on occasion Fiona, but all for the right reasons. I'll try and improve in 2019. Nice sketch anyway, I must dash now and get the tree dressed! All the best for the new year.

Like your painting, Fiona, and wish you a very Happy CHRISTMAS.

This is very elegant Fiona. Love the mediums you have used which suit the scene perfectly. Very best seasonal wishes and thank you for your kind words.

Thank you Fiona and it's a very happy Christmas and New Year from me too. You must know by now that I always enjoy seeing your work here and although I sometimes joke, I mean well. I have noticed that you rarely paint bridges now though and possibly the local shop has run out of gin. It wasn't me honest, I don't shop there..lol This painting is lovely. I really like the colours and dry brush work and to be serious for once, this site wouldn't be quite the same without you. You seem to add that bit of fun somehow and always post such lovely work. Best wishes to you and your family. Louise x

Many thanks Cesare, Margaret, and Jenny, you are very kind.

Dennis, thank you x Thank you very much Mia! Yes you have Alan but don’t worry, I don’t take any notice! For goodness sake don’t try and improve next year....you might hurt something....lol Maureen, Carole....thank you both very much!

Louise, I don’t know what to say, you humble me with your kind words, thank you. I enjoy our humorous dialogues and I can echo your comments about the site not being the same without your input. We enjoy seeing and interpreting your intelligent and gifted paintings of life.... both serious and funny. There is always room for a bit of fun. I always appreciate your comments even about my gin problem, (which I’m getting help with, Julian has bought me one of those beakers with a lid on so I don’t spill so much) my bridge phobia (can’t see a bridge and not think of you) and I haven’t forgotten your very kind offer of taking one very small, hardly used, eight year old sparrow, namely Spuggs, off my hands! It’s costing me a fortune in Turkish delights! Thank you x

This is really striking, Fiona.

Thanks Fiona, I love your artwork always a pleasure to see ;). This is lovely great brushmarks. Happy Christmas 🎁🛍☃️🤶🏻

Well fiona I see your in the groove with this one.. Have a great Xmas and in your neck of the woods an even better new year no doubt.... Get on to the whiskey and forget the gin stuff, happy new year will surely follow. Try a slice of orange on your Xmas pud and think of me lol or request one with a piece of coal like they used too... Happy painting.... 🎨🎅😁

Thank you Dawn. Many thanks Carole, happy Christmas 🎅🙃👍 Will do Alan, can’t swap the gin for whiskey, I can’t drink that stuff! Lol a slice of orange on the pud sounds good but I’ll keep the coal for the first footers. 🍊🍊🍊cheers Alan x

Lovely painting, Fiona. Wishing you a very merry Christmas :)

Sending warm wishes for a very wonderful Christmas season! And to a happy, healthy and creative New Year.! I thank you for your input on my work. And I always look forward to your wc, sketches, dry brush, ink marks and all the creative ventures you share with us!

Re Spuggs. I didn't consider the turkish delight cost when I made my offer. Every Friday night I think you said? Also, I'd have to buy a Persian rug for him or on second thoughts, you could leave me yours. I suppose I could cut back on the gin and treat him but only on Fridays. How is the little chap? Hope he's well and he has a few treats under the tree!

Really like this Fiona. Happy Christmas to you too and a great creative 2019.

Best wishes to you too Fiona.

Merry Christmas Fiona, all the very best wishes to you and your family x

Many thanks once again for your comments Carol, Nancy, Mike, Sandra, Pete and Linda! Have a splendid time! Louise, she is as high maintenance as ever, especially on Turkish delight nights....she savours every beak full. I could wrap her in the rug and send her air mail? I thought about the gin trade off but after due consideration, I sold a kidney instead to fund the Turkish delight. At the moment I’m quids in! X

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family Fiona and I look forward to more of your fabulous paintings in 2019.

Also, there's her little budgie friend to consider. What have I let myself in for? I'm emigrating very soon..lol

Val, thank you very much, always appreciate your kind words. Actually compared to Spuggs, Charlie is no bother at all, you won’t even know he’s there....until he hears the radio, telly, when you’re trying to have a conversation on the phone and when the wild birds come to see him at the patio doors! Can I come with you?! Lol

Best wishes to you and yours Fiona. Excellent, great colours as always.

Thank you Richard, have a lovely time yourself.

Happy Christmas to you too Fiona,love the loose style and colours,specially these blue touches, Fiona.Thanks for your support .

Thanks very much Annick!

Beautiful, minimalist painting, Fiona; lovely! Love and God bless, Andy 🙂❤️🙏

Thank you Andrew, very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x14” watercolour with a hint of ink on Arches. Not a very Christmassy image but a winter scene to wish you all peace and happiness, and to thank everyone who has given me the encouragement and courage to do my best. Your constant support, advice, and bullying (Louise lol) makes the difference. A special thanks to the POL team who make it all possible and make the site a wonderful place to be part of. Based loosely on the work of Gruppe.

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