A Happy Christmas to all on POL....(20)


Beautiful.Happy Christmas to you.

And to you and Jules also Fiona. Lovely little watercolour!

Gorgeously done, love the snow laden sky! Happy Christmas Fiona x

Lovely winter scene, Fiona - Happy Christmas to you!

Happy Xmas to you too Fiona, lovely painting

That’s a lovely painting Fiona, great choice of colours.

Lovely painting Fiona. Happy Christmas to you too.

Lovely in its simplicity Fiona. Happy Christmas.

Merry Christmas Fiona!

Lovely work Fiona, have a lovely Christmas and keep safe.

Delightful! Happy Christmas to you also Fiona.

Lovely watercolour scene. Happy Christmas to you too

Very atmospheric - really like it, Fiona - Happy Christmas to you.

All the very best to you and yours in this festive season, Fiona

And a wonderful Christmas and New Year to you, Fiona! What a wonderful painting - love the interplay of the soft and hard edges in all the right places. Beautifully atmospheric!

A really lovely winter scene, there's more snow in the air. Happy Christmas to you, Fiona.

Thank you ever so much for your good wishes everyone.....let’s make it a good one!

Very good and all the best to you and yours Fiona.

Another cracker, this time for Christmas. The seasons greeting to you.

Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you Fiona :)

Lovely watercolour Fiona. Have a great Xmas and a happy New Year, and thank you for all the encouragement you have given me throughout the year with my painting😊

Love the minimalistic brushstrokes which tell a thousand tales, Fiona. Enjoy your Christmas, put your feet up and have a feast. Loads of best wishes for a happier New Year.

And I am VERY grateful for all your wonderful encouragement and all your fabulous artwork! Thank you again Fiona xx

Likewise thank you for your support and encouragement! Lovely painting. I haven't quite got round to a festive one yet .... All the best to you and yours!!

A very happy and safe Christmas to you Fiona, and your loved ones. This watercolour is beautifully pure, with great expression.

Happy Christmas to you too. Looking forward to more of your lovely paintings.

So lovely Fiona, Have a wonderful Xmas.

Lovely watercolour Fiona. Have a wonderful christmas, and stay safe.

You’re just the best ! Have a wonderful time whatever you do, and whoever you’re with....but don’t forget to pick up a brush etc between all the eating, drinking, laughing and loving! You’ll get rusty otherwise. 😂 Thank you X

I really really like this, it’s loose, fresh, love the colours and NOTHING is overstated! This is the type of painting I would buy and it’s something I try to paint like but always over state and get to tight. Really lovely painting!!

Oh and a happy Christmas, it’s certainly put a smile on my face😊❤️

Sorry it’s almost Easter before I get to see this Fiona! Lovely watercolour and I like the rusty colours and fencing on the left. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all of us a brighter happier 2021. Michael xx

William you are very kind, thank you very much. Are you familiar with Aubrey Phillips, he does the most fantastic watercolours, and he’s very good with pastels too. Check his paintings out, I think you might like them. Thank you very much Michael for your generous comment. Yes, we could all do with a good dose of good health, laughter and brighter days to come....and I wish them all for you. X

Lovely. Merry Christmas.

Thank you Jacqueline......merry Christmas.

And to you Fiona - hope you have a good un.

Nice painting Fiona, great colours and a seasonal winter scene works well . and Happy Christmas to you .

Lovely Fiona, Happy Christmas to you and stay safe.

Michael, Graham, Maureen and Tomasz.....thank you, keep well and happy.

Yes, i liked Aubrey`s work as well and was so lucky to attend a day workshop with him doing pastels. Lovely snow scene Fiona with a limited palette, lovely and loose. Happy Christmas and New Year, take care.

Excellent work Fiona. Happy Christmas!

Lucky you David, I think his work is overlooked, his watercolours are fabulous. Thank you for your comment. Michael thanks very much, hope you have a lovely time. X

Lovely painting Fiona - I like the recession

Thank you very much Colin, much appreciated.

Merry Christmas Fiona a little gem

What a beauty this is Fiona. Happy Christmas to you & Jules and for everyone a peaceful and healthier 2021. (Thanks for E-mail)

Thank you very much Dennis, Carol and Simon!

Hang on Studio Wall

After one of my favourite watercolour artists, Aubrey Phillips. 16” x 12” watercolour on Saunders paper. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a safe and hopeful 2021. Thank you for your constant encouragement and kindness, it means a lot, I’m very grateful.

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