Catterline - An attempt at Joan Eardley style.

Catterline -  An attempt at Joan Eardley style.

You caught it nicely Fiona. Merry Christmas.....

I see you are getting used to pastel Fiona, Imthink this has turned out well It does have the feel of a holy land village, very appropriate.

You might be in the exhibition with this beauty Fiona

This is beautiful Fiona, you have captured the moonlight so well. Must google J. Eardley!

Lovely style and wonderful palette Fiona.

Lovely pastel and new subject for you, Fiona.

Many thanks Jim, Stephen, Gudrun, (will you make it?) Dennis, Carole, Satu, Cesare!

Googled her Fiona, I see there is a book out to accompany the exhibition ' A Sense of Place' but I bet you know that. Interesting artist.

I didn't know that Carole, thanks for the info, I'll look out for it.

love it Fiona you so adventurous sugar paper and pastel and lino and watercolour wow

Love everything about this, but especially the palette.,

This is one of my favourite paintings of hers and this is superb Fiona, you have excelled dearest...

I like the composition and style of this Fiona

Thank you very much everyone for your comments, the composition and palette are all Joan's.

Very nice pastel work Fiona.

The pastel marks in the foreground are so well placed Fiona. I'm not familiar with this artist in fact, my knowledge of well known artists' work apart from pol users is pretty abysmal! Looks good :)

Thank you Margaret and Louise......Louise, the only reason I'm aware of different artists work is down to my art tutor and group. We number about 20 although and everyone has their favourites and we discuss them. The tutor is a huge fan of Picasso, Cezanne, Peploe, Ferguson etc, and of course Joan Eardley. He brings books, prints and sometimes original art works of artists to the class ( he's a collector) He brought in a couple of Picasso original sketches in once. Regarding Joan, I like her landscapes but I don't like her portraits.

I do love the mark making in this - it's a little stunner Fiona

I'm not a fan of Joan's Portraits I much prefer her landscapes and this is an excellent version of one. Hope you get to her exhibition, I was in Edinburgh in November for the Mucha exhibition. Not my favourite exhibition but the fizz with lunch helped to make the day :)

Thanks very much Michael. No I don't like her portraits either Val. Sorry you were disappointed with the Mucha exhibition....there again sounds like the 'fizz' made up for it. I think the Joan Eardley exhibition is on until February, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it. Carole mentioned there is a book to go along side the exhibition. Sounds like a must have!! lol Thank you for your comment.

Apologies, I had a senior moment :). the Mucha exhibition was in the Kelvingrove, Glasgow! My daughter lives in Edinburgh and we planned a gallery day there then changed our minds at the last minute. I got to see one of my favourite paintings again that lives in the Kelvingrove, "Bringing Home the Mistletoe" by George Henry and EA Hornel.

Lol...I have those moments Val, in fact they are becoming more common!

I like this Fiona... I haven't heard of this artist before, but I will look her up.

Thanks Chandra!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on sugar paper. After Joan Eardley. I received a Christmas card of this image today and being a fan I thought I would have a go. There is an exhibition of her work in Edinburgh at the moment, I hope to get there in the new year.

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