Boat Shed, Holy Isle


Love this,, the upturned boat mirrors the Lindisfarne Monastery in the background, was this your intention, because it works really well.

Good association of shapes Fiona , gives a sense of depth, along with that little focal of orange.

Really good Fiona, like it a lot.

An absolute beauty Fiona the pallet is really good and the foreground grasses are so right for what it is like there, the aerial perspective of the castle is great, hard to believe it started out as a gun battery, nice one Fiona.

Always a great source of narrative and inspiration Fiona but I like how you have made the blue boat your main focus and the overall simplicity of the painting.

They said it all, Fiona: this is great! There is so much depth in it and I love the beautiful colours as well.

Love it. The boat echoing the mountain. Great addition.

Thank you very much everyone for your wonderful feedback on this, I wasn’t sure about leaving the other boat/shed out, together with the detritus that was scattered around the sheds. Including the other elements may have crowded the scene, so wanted to keep it simple. The mirroring of the shape of the boat and the distant ruin was unconsciously done to be honest, if hadn’t been the fact of Michael Trask pointing it out to me on the charcoal sketch, I hadn’t noticed the link! Thanks again to you all.

Superb painting Fiona, Holy Island looked great in the background.

The boat shape mirrors Holy Isle. Great painting of a great place.

its always good to know the spot where a painting is depicting. Been there many times and I love your Lindisfarne.

Thank you Paul, appreciate your comment. Richard, thanks very much, glad it has an echo of the place. Stevan I remember your earlier paintings of Lindesfarne, they were quite haunting. I paid my first visit there last year and hoped to go again this year and spend a few days on the year perhaps. It’s a magical place and I’m not referring to it’s religious connections. Thanks Stevan.

I Like the way you do grasses Fiona, Nice to see the outcome from the sketch.

Only just caught up with this Fiona - lovely! Lindisfarne is special and I’d love to spend more time there. We had a week in Northumberland in 2011 and you are right - there is a kind of magic about Holy Isle.

It does capture the magic. It's interesting about conscious and unconscious inclusions in artwork. I tend to not try and direct people towards an interpretation in the first instance.

Thank you Willie, Michael and Gudrun for your positive input and observations, very much appreciated. I am now thinking what else I can get out of the original sketch......a monoprint perhaps? I’ll think about how best to represent the scene in print.

A beautiful place wonderfully captured Fiona

Well it’s instantly recognisable as a Phipps! Lovely watercolour and such a great subject to paint - well done!

Thank you Bryan, appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks Al, glad you like’s a great place Hope to go again sometime.

Really good how you have synchronised the shapes with the foreground and the distance and the change in tone to add depth. Like it Fiona!

Thanks very much Shaun, appreciate your comment.

Beautifully done Fiona.

Many thanks once again Sandra!

Hang on Studio Wall

16” x 14” watercolour and pen on Waterford paper. I used the charcoal sketch of this view that I posted a few days ago, but changed the composition to include just one of the upturned boats.

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