Had another go!

Had another go!

Lovely work Fiona, and for me definately not to tight, better like this than too loose, love your rendering of the windows and building outlines

oh this is steep, is it the road up to Heights of Abraham. Great sketch Fiona.

I like it Fiona! It's very interesting to see you try out different techniques and I get the feeling that you're having fun with these. It isn't a perfect drawing of the place., As I said once before, it's your impression of the scene, full of movement and interest. I like the colour, the confident pen lines and the slightly textural effect on the walls. Those buildings look solid!

Thank you Ros, glad you think it's loose enough. Hi Carole, yes, I think you are right it is the road up to the heights, I remember puffing a lot at the top! Thanks for your comment. Hi Louise, thanks for having a look and giving me your feedback. Like you, I wasn't out to capture an acurate drawing, one reason is because I can't draw for toffee but that knowledge gave me the freedom not to care whether it was acurate or not. One thing I would change if I did it again would be the use of warm and cool colours. I've used the warmer tones in the distance and the bluer tones in the right foreground building. So there doesn't appear to be much depth. Why is it so obvious after you post it?!

Well I like it because of your use of colour and I like your double yellow lines taking us up the hill. It's a painting and it's bold and is making a statement somehow.

Thank you Gudrun, much appreciated.

I like it too Fiona! As Gudrun said the colours of the walls are really good, I especially like that grey bit on top of the burnt sienna in the tower. Nothing is happening on that street but the painting is still alive.

Thank you Satu!!

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A side street in Matlock Bath, from a photo I took years ago. Tried to keep it loose but I think it's ended up too tight......still enjoyed it though!! Arches (rough) paper, Old Holland watercolours, ink, black felt tip and a scribble here and there of tipex.

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