Stage One....street scene.

Stage One....street scene.

Interesting Fiona!!! Have you given up completely on the self portrait? i will be interested to see where this goes - I particularly like the palette.

It's an interesting start Fiona, keep going with it and remember, you don't need to rush it to keep it loose. It doesn't always work like that!

Looking forward to see the finished version. It looks good already.

Like your colour palette Fiona, look forward to the end result 😀

Question..what lies beneath? :) Carol I haven’t given up on the self portrait, I’m just dragging my feet! Lol Okay Al, I’ll try darling but you know me. It will no doubt change a dozen times before the end of it Mia. Me too Linda, hope it’s fit to post!’s ME!! Attempt two of the selfie is beneath....either that or the monster from the black lagoon! Thank you all very much for your boosting comments.

Jumped right out at me Fiona. I'll be watching it.

Love the warm colours, Fiona, against the cool blues. Look forward to seeing how it progresses!

Just a simple and obvious tip Fiona, with architecture and particularly tall buildings, it's a good idea to use a straight edge and run a loaded brush down the edges. Quite roughly, it's not an architects drawing. A piece of old card is ideal. It squares and straightens everything up nicely because a wobly skyscraper just doesn't look good!

Great palette, full of energy, carry on. I quite like to know you are hiding in there. Is it the one I liked? that what they call a juxtaposition? A nose, mouth and even a chin between the tall buildings? I'm interested to see where you go with this Fiona. Abstract blocks of colour or actual building shapes? Or you could add a canal (blue bit at bottom of pic) and bridge (sorry) and turn it in to a Venetian scene? It'll be good I'm sure. Tall sky scrapers and ok, forget the bridge idea, I just can't help winding you up (fortunately you have a sense of humour. (hopefully I mean) To be serious, it's looking good. The brush marks are bold and colour's good. Keep it 'loose' I say!

Looking forward to seeing finished result.

I really like the colours and shapes, Fiona - looks like a terrific start - will be interested to see how you get on. Also hoping to see the self-portrait in due course :)

Jim I hope I can pull something from this one, thank you Thank you Jenny, fingers crossed. Thanks for the tip Alan, good idea. I don’t want to get too sharp an image though, I’m trying for ‘fuzzy’! Lol Yes it is Gudrun.....I’ll be watching you! Thank you.

Lol....Louise there are a pair of staring eyes in there if you look closely enough, I’ve just said to Gudrun, I’ll be watching you. I saw an image for about two minutes, I don’t know where it is and I can only remember the bits that caught my attention, so, it’s going to be blocky building shapes. With, high spots of colour, especially orange, yellow and red. A few of your famed dark lines here and there and maybe even a bit of scratching out. I’m going to throw all kinds of things at it ....but NO bridges....and probably make a complete mess. Oh, fuzzy too! Lol Maureen thank you very much. Margaret I hope I can hold myself back a bit, I always do that little bit more and regret it. The self portrait? I’m still trying to do it but honestly I am not finding it easy and I am not enjoying it. It’s beat me, I don’t say that thank you for your comment.

I like the colour palette and different brushworks , can't wait to see it finished, Fiona.

You don't have to have a sharp line dear! Fuzzy is fine but crooked isn't. I'll be round shortly to demonstrate!

A fascinating start Fiona! I watched a dvd of Pete The Street recently and he starts with really loose sweeps of turpsy paint which I thought I might have a go at myself, so will be interested to see where this goes. We are all watching so no pressure!

Lovely colours and yes I see the ghost image .....already I’m painting a woman with a brolly in that scene cannot help it

Thanks Annick, I’m going to let it dry a little before I do anymore to it. Got it Al....I’ll put the kettle on! Thanks Tessa, I like to see the turpsy under wash showing through the top layers in the odd place and it gives me a good idea where I want the darkest darks....if that makes sense. Dermot thank you. I thought I might be brave and include a few figures in this, if I don’t lose my nerve.

Looking forward to the outcome Fiona.

Thanks Sarah.

Ha ha .....thanks Richard!

Hang on Studio Wall

20”x16” oil on canvas. Thought I would have another bash at a street scene, these are the first turpsy washes. It will be loose-ish, well that’s the idea anyway. If you have a keen eye you will see a ghost of a self portrait I think this one was Mark 2.

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