....Salmon or Trout? A Thrush I said, the shop went quiet for a few We even took him away with for the weekend. My favourite memory of him was when he took his first bath.....pure joy, for him and me. Sorry, I've gone on a bit, again.

A beautiful sketch heartfelt painted and a maving story, Fiona.

Theo is wonderful is your story :)

You are good with the Quink Fiona. Thanks for telling us the story of Theo.

That's a fabulous sketch Fiona. And a great story. Thank you.

Thank you for commenting on my little bit of nonsense....I think this photo is the only one I have where he isn't on my head. He still comes back occasionally to see me, although he won't land on me. He liked perching on my easel and I still have the evidence camouflaged along with the Thanks again

A lovely story and drawing Fiona, expertly done

What an emotional story, Fiona, and a beautiful drawing.

Beautiful sketch Fiona and a wonderful story to go with it.

Bless him - love the story

A lovely story of your kindness and dedication Fiona, a great portrait of Master Theo!

What a lovely're a kind soul Fiona. I'm a bird lover myself and do what I can for them but have never actually adopted one as you have! Super painting of little Theo.

Thank you ever so much everyone for your very kind comments. Thanks Louise, it's an experience you would never forget, if it turns out to be a happy ending of course. Theo has paid me back in full already, as he has kept the slug and snail population down in the garden all summer! I have more little birdie

Another little bird that owes it's life to you and immortalized in paint by your expert hand. Great story and great sketch Fiona.

Lovely comment Val, thank you X

Such a lovely story and sketch. :)

What a little cutie.

Thank you ladies very much.

Thanks again Gudrun.

A lovely story Fiona and a great sketch. You should audition for the bird lady if they ever remake Mary Poppins! I've never successfully hand reared any casualties. They've usually collided with the windows and the shock or broken neck has seen them off. :-(

Very sad when that happens Pete. I have a secret weapon for bird strikes, if it doesn't kill them instantly you can some times bring them round. I have a large-ish light bulb box and if you pick them up put them in the box for half hour or so they almost always come round and you can let them go. They need the dark, quiet and warmth, it usually works for me. Thanks for your comment Pete.

Hang on Studio Wall

Quink sketch. Carole's beautiful Thrush posting inspired me to do this sketch of 'Theo' an orphan from last summer. I arrived at a friends house to paint and she asked if I would move a dead bird off her path. The baby bird was wet through, on it's side and dead......until I picked it up when it weakly opened it's beak. A few sheets of kitchen towel, a small cardboard box and half hour in the aga the wee thing picked up. Needless to say he came home with me and stayed for at least a month, he lived in my studio mainly. When I went out to garden he would come with me and set too grubbing which I was relieved at because supplying a hungry Thrush with worms is no task for the faint hearted; out in the garden at 05.30 every morning, wearing a pair of old motorbike boots and very little else digging for worms....well a couple of weeks is enough. I did find an easier way round that one via the local fishing tackle shop, the chap asked, what you fishing for, Salmon or Trou

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