Fallen Tree


Lovely spontaneous painting Fiona

You really are pretty good at this lovely spontaneity ,Fiona.

Thank you Brian! Lol....thanks Sylvia. Ten minutes of making a complete mess with my favourite ‘flicky’ brush, job done! Lol x

Fresh and loose, quiet optimistic for a fallen tree Fiona!

You've got the decay and dereliction spot on, Fiona. Did you say ten minutes? Bri

Very well produced in every department Fiona

Superb painting love the colours and the looseness of it, all of the painting is excellent.

Such a great, fresh, result from your spontaneous, wild marks Fiona. You’re so brave.

Unmistakably a Fiona. Lovely casual loose work.

Lively, vibrant work Fiona.

Such a simple painting but very effective.

Wonderful Fiona, no need of signature.

I’m thinking this has more than a ‘wee tilt’ Fiona! Good range of warm colours and lovely lines.

I must get one of these ‘flicky brushes’, I do love some of those branches Fiona. The three trunks are rather uniformly spaced which doesn’t sit quite right somehow. Good sketch mind you!

Have you created those twigs and thin branches with a rigger? I love using a rigger to create grasses and twigs they look so much more natural. All in all a good painting full of natural movement.

The word spontaneous has been used several times and it suits this fresh, lively work.

Lively and colourful, Fiona! (You must have enjoyed this after the very precise abstract you’ve recently done!)

Many thanks Regloh, Brian, well maybe 15 minutes, Dennis, Paul, Carole, Jim, Stephen s, Stephen k, Cesare, Tessa.....it’s been on the gin, Alan, Linda, sometimes I use a rigger but I have a biggish bellied brush with a very long fine point, it’s brilliant, Jenny I did this one before the abstract stuff but that a good idea for the future!

I like this very much Fiona

Thank you Russell, very kind.

Love the colours for this poor old tree Fiona you've done him proud.

Thanks very much Carole!

It’s got umph Fiona. Super colouring and marks.

Many thanks as always John for your encouragement.

Missed this one Fiona, great spontaneity and use of the "black" with those colours.

Richard and Gudrun, thank you both very much.

Like the style and colour, Fiona

Many thanks once again Maureen.

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x10” mixed media...watercolour, soft pastel and ink on Arches. The woods on the reserve are littered with these lopsided, split trunk trees. Some around the edge of the woods can succumb to a wee tilt from the strong winds.

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