Reed Mace & Kingfisher

Reed Mace & Kingfisher

It's really lovely Fiona, love the soft brush strokes and the cute little kingfisher. Gorgeous green/blues.

Lovely colours and yes cute us the word for that little gem of a bird

Like the 'suggestive' nature of the painting detail without detail Fiona and the bright spot of the bird just Lifts it nicely, really like it, nice one.

Love the reeds! Fabulous colours and you get that swaying feeling.

I would still love this even if the kingfisher didn't feature - goes with the following lines from one of my poems: Where murmurings of wavering reeds, in conference with the night time breeze, form dark unscripted boundaries

Good recycling Fiona, I live it and this work. Did the bird sit that long? They'r swift to move on.

great job re cycling, lovely colours and depth in this. Really nice work.

Many thanks Marjorie, Helen, Malcolm, Gudrun, Michael...beautiful lines and very apt.... Derek....he stayed there for as long as my imagination held on to

Thanks Andre!

Lovely work Fiona as usual love that kingfisher fantastic

It's good that you have recycled this painting to great effect Fiona. I love the sea greens of the reed mace and then the bright little contrast of the kingfisher to draw the eye into he painting.

Beautiful Fiona a treat to view. Love the reeds.

To paint the bird so small in this vast reed bed could have gone horribly wrong... But it didn't, in fact you have pulled this one off a treat Fiona, it really is a triumph.

I knew you would come back with fresh inspiration love the placement of the bird, great handling of greens more oils please, excellent! David Harrison

Many thanks Dennis.

Thank you all very much for your encouraging comments, they always give me a boost. I think I'm getting back to it David, thank you for your encouragement!

This has the potential for a wonderful abstract. Great colours.

Thank you Frank, you're welcome to have a shot at an abstract, I'm rubbish at abstract work!lol

Very nice Fiona and an interesting suggestion (re an abstract) from Frank..he's right and you're almost there with this one. You can do it :)

Louise, don't you start me off again!!!!!lol Guess what's underneath this painting.......yep, a bridge!lol Thank you for your comment!

Just knew you'd like my comment, I can sense your enthusiasm.... and I've just laughed out loud at your reply!!!

LOL!!! That's not enthusiasm you can sense, it's PANIC!! I haven't finished paying for my last therapy sessions

Sorry but I'm still laughing..even more now! ... Have you considered a Saturday job to cover the therapy costs? Also, I'll look out for the forthcoming abstract.

I like the greens and blues. My favourite colours when i look at watercolour paintings. You have captured an atmosphere of a relaxed lazy summers afternoon.

You've painted those reeds so well Fiona and that little kingfisher is a cracker.

Louise you're a minx, you've got me thinking about it...but don't hold your breath!lol Thank you very much Billy and Val for your lovely comments.

That works well Fiona with the bird perfectly placed , lovely work

Many thanks Dermot.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board. Looking through all the disasters I've managed to accumilate I've decided to recycle a few. This use to be 'Another Bridge', the under painting fitted in with the one on top, so half done I expect it will be recycled again at some point in the future!

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