She sells sea shells .


On the sea shore - what a great watercolour.

Beautiful, Paul - so graceful and delicate colours!

A very sensitive watercolour figure study. Nicely done.

It’s excellent Paul. I too steer away from figures, and funnily enough we covered figures in the landscape in this weeks class. I wasn’t looking forward to it but enjoyed it in the end.

Stunning Paul.

That's a lovely drawing Dixie.

David, Anne, Andrew, Fiona, Chris, and Lew thank you for your kind comments.

Very delicate and pretty, Paul.

Thank you Marjorie it was inspired by a online photo well several really but settled for this one , different colours and my tweaks.

I’ve just noticed that it looks paler than the actual painting.

Well how lovely, and very different to your usual subjects! Stylish and nicely painted.

Really lovely Paul, great job.

I really like it! From my (man's 😅) point of view - she's very attractive 🙉 Nice colours, well executed painting Paul.

Beautiful watercolor Paul 👌

Thank you Tessa, Denise, Art and Stephen. Thinking maybe I should do some more but nor only beautiful young ladies .I do admire figure paintings and often think I wish I could do that so it was a case of get on with it you silly old fool.

That's lovely Paul. Can you say She sells sea shells on the sea shore six times quickly?

Thanks Sylvia, no I can’t without getting my tongue twisted.

An unusual one for you Paul but very nicely painted. You have used colour so delicately. A lovely watercolour.

Beautiful delicate painting, she looks so graceful Paul.

Thank you Spencer and Carole . Credit must go to the unknown photographer for producing such a beautiful image for me to adapt.

Just beautiful! Lovely palette and such a gentle ambiance

What a beautiful, sensitive watercolour I really like it.

A super figure painting Paul. Very delicately done.

It's turned out really well, you should do figure work more often

Caroline, Coral, Valerie, David and Heather thank you for you kind comments. I was tinkering with the idea of trying out more figures Heather.

So delicate Dixie. Beautiful painting

Beautiful :)

Beautiful. Makes me to want to walk along the beach ⛱️

Thank you Faye , wait till the warmer weather it’s a bit chilly at the moment.

Great composition 👏🏼👏🏼

Superb subdued palette and lovely drawing.

Lovely watercolour Paul, The pale colours do express a soft and sensitive composure , I like her pose and light exposure. Well done!

Thank Richard and Angela for your kind comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour on loose canvas , I’m not really a figure painter but do like to have a try every so often . I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and it turned out how I expected it too .

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