Searching for the Memory


Just learnt something ... and a wonderful watercolour too.

A lovely painting, Paul -I like all the subtle colours. ( Well... interesting never heard of that term).

Lovely painting Paul- soft subtle colours.

Such a beautiful animal, well painted, you have done an excellent job and portrayed the vulnerability of this strong and clever animal.

Excellently drawn and painted, I like that you've gone in close, it emphasizes the size. I too, didn't know that word...I thought it was just 'herd'.

Thank you all for your very kind comments, they are appreciated. I’d no idea that a herd was also called a memory, thanks for the info Denise.

So well drawn and such delicate colours, Paul. Well done!

Really enjoyed watching your progress with this Paul, turned out well 👍😀

Great painting Paul Love the subtle colouring and the close view

Wow this is super Paul

This is just brilliant, Paul, and yes, they are so very vulnerable, and you have it all there

Thank you all so much for such kind comments, very encouraging and pleased that you enjoy following the progress.

Such a sensitive painting Paul of a beautiful animal.....I haven’t heard the term Memory either.

Wonderful Dixie. You’ve really shown the size and power with a look of sensitivity as well.

Lovely painting, sensitively treated.

This is a really beautiful painting Paul, I like it very much indeed.

I have learned something as well. A handsome beast with a super trunk and as you said, so vulnerable,

Thank you folks for taking time to look at this and for your very kind comments , they are very encouraging.

It's a tender portrait Paul, very sensitively done. I've just been reading about Cher saving an elephant.

Lovely watercolour in subtle tones, Paul

Excellent painting

Look forward to the final product, this is good already.

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the kind remarks. Sorry to disappoint Kwok this the final product.

You’ve captured a great sensitivity within this painting Paul.

Lovely painting Paul, I love the eye. You are painting well Paul.

Thank you Carole and George for you kind comments much appreciated.

This is very good, I love the delicate graduations in tones and the overall pallete

That's beautiful work Paul bang on

Thank you Ceri and Dennis for your kind comments.

Lovely painting Paul.

A very wise elephant and every small line here has been drawn with love!

Posted by Leo Ge on Mon 15 Mar 22:10:27
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A4+ watercolour, looking for a name for the painting a friend pointed out that a herd of elephants is known as a memory. Had fun doing this as WIP. Such magnificent animals yet so vulnerable.

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