Card version 2


Two good paintings, Dixie. This is my preference. All the best with your sales.

Posted by C Jones on Wed 28 Oct 10:24:38

They are both great Paul, I prefer this one, you have done an outstanding job and what a worthwhile project to work on.

Yes, definitely this one Paul!

Will make a great card Paul

Is this a Nord 3202? I flew one a long time ago (beautiful aircraft) so my memory might be playing tricks or maybe I just want it to be a Nord 3202. Lovely work anyway.

Thank you all so much for your comments. The response from RAF Benevolent Fund has been really good . Hopefully the printer will pick this one as the most suitable for printing . Sorry Jacqueline it not a Nord is supposed to be a Hawker Hurricane.

A great card idea Paul, it should do well.

They both look very much the same to me Paul, I like how you’ve made the plane stand out from everything else.

Thank you , Kwok, Linda and Frank for your kind comments. You are correct Frank they are in fact the same picture, one it was photographed for the printer I decided to give the aircraft a fine dusting of snow. To me it changed the look of the painting but not in any outstanding detail.

Very good cards Paul , I like them both. Hope they raise lots of money for the RAF fund.

Nice work Dixie. Hope everything goes well with this endeavor.

I like this one Paul, I think because of the purpose and event....Christmas....but I think your choice of the first card for the printers is correct. It’s sharper.

Definitely this one Paul. Great painting, will make a lovely card

I really like it, the whole scene works well

Thank you, all so much for your kind and positive comments.

Thank you Carole and Tracy for you kind comments.

A great favourite of mine Paul lovely work

Hang on Studio Wall

A3 watercolour other option to be used as card but RAF Benevolent Fund as Christmas card

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