Tides out Or What a struggle.


Nicely done Paul. Sorry about your condition. Hoping you get better soon.

Wow, if you can do this with your fingers splinted, well done you!

This is a lovely painting Paul and remarkable given your current condition, hope you get better soon

Thank you Rikke, Heather and Neil for you very kind comments. I’m sure it will settle soon , it’s surprising what you can active with a bit of tape and determination Heather . I’m certain it would drive me mad not being able to paint or sketch and very boring too I soon get fed up just reading .

This is a nice harbour scene with lovely boats and details. So sorry to hear about your hands, Paul and am amazed at what you have achieved - well done you and hope things improve soon!

This is very good Paul. Hope your condition improves, sounds darn painful. Best wishes.

That sounds horrible Dixie, but hope it improves quickly. You certainly aren’t one to give up when your hands trouble you. This is lovely. I like a harbour scene.

Thank you Anne and Richard for your kind comments. I wasn’t going to post it as I really don’t like it very much , a good friend said she liked it so I thought what the hell. It quite painful at time Richard but the splints are helping, I don’t like taking to many pills , have enough to take as it is . I’m seeing a consultant next week so hopefully she will sort it for me .

Thanks Tessa for your encouraging comment it’s really appreciated. The worst thing anyone can do is tell me I can’t or should not do something, my GP said oh you won’t be able to paint, so I did.

Best wishes Paul.

Lovely Paul, hope your condition resolves soon.

Thanks Denise I’m sure it will .

Sorry to hear about your current situation Paul hope you improve soon. Amazing you have been able to paint this lovely composition. Onwards and upwards Paul.

Thank you Chris. My thought is never give up and never said I can’t .

I think this is a good one Paul and hope you soon feel much better, also glad to see you are full of determination not to be beaten by things.

Sorry to hear about your problem Paul - hope it improves soon. Nevertheless this is a great drawing.

Denise and Spencer thank you for your kind comments and good wishes they are really appreciated.

Nicely done, hope you feel better soon.

Thank you Romila I appreciate your commet.

A lovely painting despite your condition Dixie. I also have trigger finger but fortunately only in my right little finger so it doesn't impede me. I hope something can be done soon for you, Kindest regards.

Thank you Mark , I’m hoping they will sort it our when I see the consultant. It started I’m my little fingers but due to ongoing problems with my hands it sob spread .

I admire your perseverance Paul, and I like the harbour scene. Hope the hands settle soon.

Thank you Bob for your much appreciated comment. If you don’t keep plodding on you have to give up and that’s not a option for me, the same attitude got me through a spinal injury so I’m sure not letting the hands beat me .

This shows so much determination, great stylish painting, too. Really hope you're soon feeling better, Paul

Thalia thank you for your comment it’s really appreciated.

Well-done Paul for managing this with the splints! Lovely boats; hope your condition improves soon. Keep painting!

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Watercolour paper 23x 32 cm , a loose interpretation of a Cornish harbour at low tide . This has been a struggle it taken me best part of a week to do, unfortunately I have both my hands in splints . My fingers are curled up need splints to straighten then out , something called tiger finger , bl - - - y painful . It’s a case of no painting of producing a rather feeble effort can only paint for about ten to fifteen minutes and need to rest for a long period, not being able to pant is not an option.

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