Merseyside early morning.


Nice one Paul, well done you!! I would not worry about using a rule, you would be surprised at what Artists do to get an image, i have put one of my watercolours in a shower in order to get the atmosphere i want!!!??? looks great to me.

Beautiful Painting Paul and the city and docks in the distant background all add to it. One of my favorite places actually, on a ferry on the Mersey in choppy sea's.

Lovely work, Paul - lots of atmosphere and I love the busy little tugs.

Thank you David, Denise and Anne for you kind words. David I would not even have thought of putting a painting in the shower. Mind you some of mine might be improved by giving them a shower.

Lots going on here, all good stuff. I like the way you've handled the distant buildings and ship. Good work, Dixie.

Well done in a difficult subject.

Like all the tricky shapes. Excellent.

Thanks for your comments Lew, Linda and Stephen they are appreciated a lot.

Fabulous Paul. Love the distant misty background. The details on the ship are really brilliant.

Super painting Paul, lots of depth and detail.

Lovely painting Paul, lots of detail. I have used a ruler and put a painting under the bath tap.

Beautiful painting.

Well drawn ship and tugs Paul; I love paintings of activity on the water. Mention of Merseyside always makes me chuckle - do you remember the story ( probably true) of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board sign where someone had scrawled .....’ and little lambs eat ivy’ ?

Nice painting Paul, another one of your fabulous shipping studies.

It’s the result that matters Paul, not how you achieved the outcome. I so admire you proficient water-colourists, a medium I find very challenging. This is superb.

A lovely painting with great atmosphere. I live near the Severn Estuary so often see these little tug boats bringing in the big cargo ships, fascinating to watch.

Thank you all for your very kind comments, thy are much appreciated. Don’t don’t recall having heard the story Michael but can believe that some wit would have done it. I do envy you Maureen watching ships an tug at work, I live about the furthest inland you can get. I love the older tugs like a lot of old trains, lorries and cars they seen to have characters, I also love painting them in the working environment.

Nice one Paul, no such thing as ‘cheating’ in getting the detail to look right. A ruler or indeed any implement is a tool to get the results. All crafts people use tools!!!

Very busy and very good. Great detail. Brings back memories of days out at Wallasey.

Good to see such an excellent working scene Dixie. As a child my dad used to take me to Cardiff docks (since fancified as Cardiff Bay) to watch big ships being brought in and out like this, and I loved it. Like you we now live too far from the sea for comfort!

No such as cheating in art Paul rigging looks natural to me great piece of work Paul

Thank your Michael, Richard,Tessa,Paul,Christie, and Margaret for you very kind comments the are very much appreciated.

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15.5 cm x 33 3cm used odd off cut ,watercolour painting of two Kea steam tug aiding a unladen cargo ship on the river Mersey in the early morning. I had to use a pencil and rule to do the cables a rigging as just getting use to wearing support glove. I normally paint them free hand , will re do them at a later date. Feel like I e cheated a bit, using the ruler.

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