Mostly grays and damp


Majestic tree…

Lovely, you can feel the damp earth I think 🙂

That is quite magical, Paul.

Fantastic trees Paul and a magical scene.

Yes must be beautiful in the spring and summer. You have captured these damp and chilly days very well with your magnificent trees.

Some great trees there Dixie. Great winter description, I know what you mean...bleak but majestic.

Sylvia, Carrie, David, Denise, Chris and Lew thank you for taking the time to look and comment, it really appreciated.

Great trees Paul and like the distant figures. It seems so damp !

Thank you Richard, it is very damp and the ground get very slippery due to the mix of mud and chalk , sets like concrete when it’s dry .

You have expertly captured the calm majesty of this huge tree. Love it

Lovely delicate colours on the trees as usual, Paul.

This is lovely Paul. There is an ethereal sense to it.

Lovely trees Paul 🌳 and feels wet and dampy

Thank you for your comments and taking time to look I do appreciate it a lot , Elaine, Marjorie, Spencer, and Faye .

Beautiful trees well painted Paul. I don't know the Chilterns that well but I have visited Christmas Common and saw trees just like this!

Thank you Sarah, Christmas Common is only ten miles away it’s a lovely place, some great trees there on Wattlington hill a NT property and part of the Chilterns.

I loved it there Paul - I love the landscapes of southern England.

So much to see and too much to paint , it’s a lovely place but like everting we can take it for granted . Unfortunately the developers are getting there digger into parts of it .

A really good painting the trees are amazing. well done...

You could really imagine some of these characters coming alive Paul, what wonderful monuments of the forest. You’ve made them real.

Thank you John and Fiona. I will say it does get a bit scary when your working up there alone on a misty day , it happens often ax the trees seem to hold the mist . Tolkien live in Oxford and would have know the Chiltern woodlands, you can see where me may have gained the idea of the Ents and haunted woodlands.

Wonderful trees and atmosphere, Paul!

Thank you Anne for taking the time to look at this and comment.

Brilliant trees, reminds me of Arthur Rackham animated trees Paul.

Thank you Carole for your comment and say that my tree reminds you of Arthur Rackham’s work what a compliment he was such a brilliant illustrator . Some of his work looks very dark in a sinister way, but each piece is done beautifully.

This is superb Paul. I love everything about it. Beautiful, natural colours and superb trees. Very well painted.

Thank you David for taking the time to look and comment.

Very good. You can feel the dampness

Definitely damp Paul & I think those trees are talking!

Thank you Candy and Jean for your comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

A 23x32 watercolour of the Chiltern escarpment in winter . The area had many pollard trees that have the most wonderful shapes and even grow into each other. In the summer they look amazing with green growth , and multicoloured in the autumn when the beech leaves turn . At the moment thru look like grey monuments or what remains after a devastating storm , even the soil looks grey due to the high chalk content . But it’s still beautiful despite feeling a bit desolate, wet and cold, figures for scale.

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