Old steam freighter


Great subject Paul. Nicely done.

Well done Paul. So much detail in your painting.

Excellent rigging (?) Paul, smashing painting.

Thank you Jim, Christine and Fiona for your kind comments. Fiona I noticed your question mark re rigging, the cables are from the derricks that are used from swinging the cargo on and off the ship. Used particularly in ports with not fixed cranes etc.

I also like this one Paul, the overall palette is rather good and suits the subject. Have you tried using a rigger brush to drop in the fine rigging? Takes some practice but looks more natural than ruled lines.

Great detail and atmosphere Paul.

Terrific painting and composition Dixie. I like the way the tug is pulling the freighter from the course it’s heading.

Read about this one on the forum Paul, its a really well painted detailed painting, one that shouldn't be put away, get it framed!!

Lovely watercolour and a great subject

Wow Paul, this is a cracker ! Excellent colours.

Thank you all for your very kind comments, they are very much appreciated and encouraging. I used a ruler on this one Alan as it was the first attempt, I tend to do them free hand now, however with my hand not working so well I may have to look at how I do the rigging in future.

I like the detail and the rusty hull. Excellent.

I see Paul, and understand. It’s still an excellent attempt but you know were I’m coming from.

I do total see where your coming from, and it’s one of the reasons I was not over keen on the painting originally. I usually use a very fine brush these days, I can’t alway get on with a rigger despite trying.

Absolutely fantastic Paul, so much detail in this it must have taken some time. Both thumbs up from me... and my toes, what the hell 😊

You are marvellous at painting boats Paul. Love the way you have painted the rust on the larger ship.

Thank you for that information Paul. However you did them, they look excellent.

Thank you Tony, Carole and Fiona, your comments are always appreciated very much. I find the time passes very quickly Tony, and I honestly could not say how long it took. It’s the detail that I love to do and sometimes get bored if doing a painting that’s les detailed, the more complex the better.

Really good Paul, I love your array of subjects. I’ll bet you dream of what to paint next.

Its hard to believe that this was your first attempt at painting boats, Paul. If I had painted half as good I'd be very proud of myself.

Thanks you Bill and Dorothea for you very kind comments. I think it worked well because I love the subject Dorothea, I do wake up sometimes with an idea Bill, some are a definite non starter.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 ish watercolour of an old steam cargo ship with tug. I came across this whilst rummaging through old paintings. It’s the first ship I ever painted. How many of us have theses old paintings we put away and forget,

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