Mist over the valley


This has a lot going for it - we're all dissatisfied with our work (unless we're either totally brilliant [I presume] or so bad we don't recognize it) but I don't think you need be dissatisfied with this at all. Of course there are bits you could improve - a sharper detail here, a stronger tone there, but you've caught a sense of place: I've only been driven through the Yorkshire dales on our way to housing conferences, but your painting makes me want to go back, and take a longer and more leisurely look - when we can, of course.

Nice perspective Paul and I do like your steps leading you through and into your picture.

Very charming - I like it a lot.

Thank you for you very kind comments Robert, Linda and Ceri they you are very much appreciated. I’m pleased that I’ve inspired you to visit the Dales Robert, a successful painting if it done that, no matter what that has pleased me a great deal.

A very charming picture, made me smile. Very very well done 👌👌👌

Nice painting, I love Yorkshire, our son lives in York, happy memories.

It has a lovely perspective Paul, you’ve captured that feeling of going downhill into the village, good range of depth too.

Thank you so much for your kind comments Tracy Gillian and Fiona.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour looking across the a valley in the Dales. One a did some months ago and forgot about it, maybe because I was not over enthusiastic about it.

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I developed an interest in watercolour painting whilst recovering from a spinal injury . Started painting whilst laid flat on my back using a mirror, did it stop the OT pestering me, but it backfired. When I sat up had to start all over again as I was use to painting through a mirror. Stop painting…

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