Basket of red

Basket of red

You know your onions... got that in before anyone else.. Great stuff Diana.....


Posted by T H on Sat 04 Nov 19:37:06

Beautiful use of colour and light!

Great light portrayed, and excellent choice of colours...perfect.

Beautiful bright and diffused light here Diana. I love the way you have portrayed the intense brightness in the bottom left-hand corner.

You're such a perfectionist Diana! Looks beautiful to me.

The way you play with light is just magical Diana.

I agree with the other comments, Diana. This is fantastic.

As usual you have done something so different it is hard to find anything wrong because the subjects are beautiful and vibrant and the painting is very busy and full of life, all your paintings have their own individuality. well done Diana

So realistic Diana. Brilliant use of light and shade.

Interesting as well as beautiful Diana...where do you get your inspiration?

Wonderful colours in your onions Diana and great basket work. There's so much hard detailed work in this, stunning.

Very beautifully painted Diana , love it

Ha ,I thought that might be you Peter. Thanks Timothy..thanks for leaving your comment. Teresa ... I saw this image in a farm shop recently and loved the backlit basket. Monica... Thank you for your feedback . This caught my eye in a shop and was just waiting to be painted. Thank you Andre . I’m not too experienced with mixing colours that I want so had a try at mixing those reds using a variety of maroons. I was surprised at the variety of reds in the image. Thank you Adele. I went on to overwork it a bit but love the image enough to repaint it Marjorie, I am getting that way! I’m not sure that’s always a bad thing but reading these comments is so helpful Thank you Fiona. It was the intense contrast of light that caught my eye in the shop. I just loved the basket in this image. Mia, thank you. It’s so useful to read the feedback and get an idea of what really appeals to viewers

Thank you Jim This was an image crying out to be painted Russell..Thanks. I was handed a potential painting on a plate when I saw these in my local farm shop. Sylvia.. thank you for your inspiring feedback. I am constantly on the lookout for images wherever I go ,especially if there are good shadows. I saw a magnificent image through the door of a hairdressers recently which I know would have made a superb painting. There were a few people in it though and I darent ask if I could take the photograph. Carole..Thank you. It was the basket that caught my eye. Dennis..Thank you. I really value your thoughts

Always showing us great drawing skills.

What a great painting. Well worth doing again, wonderful layout and subject and superb technique.

The hard subject suggested to me right now it was your, Diana. Great light and shadows and beautiful onions colours.

It's a beautiful, thoughtful composition Diana. well painted.

Superbly done Diana, what a shame you couldn't finish it as you would have liked. I'm allergic to red onions so never buy them, but they are so beautiful and tempting! Look forward to seeing your second attempt - I always find you lose a lot of the inspiration when you re-do something, hope you can keep it this fresh.

Fantastic Diana. The colours and light are beautiful.

A very spontaneous and dramatic piece !

Love the light you have captured in this Diana !!

You turn the unlikeliest subjects into incredible works of art with your expertise in watercolour Diana.

I can see it’s going to be a cracker Diana

How wonderful this looks Diana, your choice of subjects always surprises me and they all look so good!

So precise yet loose, how do you do it? Super painting.

Another winner, Diana. Marvellous light through the basket.

Thank you Jennifer. That light through the basket was wonderful . Thank you Maureen and Gudrun. I love the get feedback as it gives an idea as to what is pleasing to the audience

You are so good at this medium Diana. I love seeing your work!

Posted on Mon 06 Nov 16:44:55

Thank you everyone for your inspiring comments. Every one is very much valued and Motivating. I will go back to this painting now and try to complete it without a re start.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour on rough Saunders Waterford. I loved the intense contrasts of light shining through the basket and deep purple shadows amongst the onions. I'm going to have to repaint it as have overworked it since taking this photo. I like it enough to re paint it though

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