Anyone for cake?


Wow Diana, a tour de force. Lovely painting.

A super painting, Diana (as usual). Very complicated subject perfectly executed.

An interesting composition and I like the play of light

Exceptional work!

Wow, so many details... and all done with the use of watercolour. Well done!

Oh my goodness Diana - extraordinary piece of work - such detail.


Wonderful painting Diana. Love the hands helping to hold the cutting knife, and the look of the chap in the middle, who seems to be thinking ‘can I manage anything more!?’.

Absolutely superb.

Wonderful Diana, it has all of your great talents in one painting. Super.

Thank you very much Heather. A complete contrast to painting rain! Oils next. Thank you Mia. There was a lot of detail but I tried to add a bit of looser contrast. Thank you William. It was the lovely lighting that caught my attention. It was a sunny Christmas Day. Thank you Alan. Having another crack at oils next. Thank you Barbara. It was certainly a lot more fiddly than usual.

Such detail Diana!! You have such patience not to mention brilliance!!

Thank you Linda. I enjoyed working on the details and remembering this day Thank you Denise , I’m pleased that you like it. Thank you Tessa. Those hands were certainly a challenge. The bored looking man is my son 😂 Thank you Stephen. It’s been different painting figures. I loved the light in this. Thank you Elaine. I painted something similar( my daughters fifth birthday party) a few years ago. It hangs in my hall and I enjoy looking at it so having another try at a similar scene. Thank you very much Maureen.

That a lovely thing to say Audrey. Thank you

That picture tells a story Diana. Superbly done and so much detail there. Very well done.

Thank you Russell. I always appreciate your support. Thank you Vicky. It’s always tricky knowing how much detail to put in

My goodness Diana this is a stunner. Such a lot to see in your painting and as usual such a wonderful portrayal of light. A great scene that tells a great story.

Brilliant and skilful as usual Diana, love it.

Brilliant work once again Diana.

Love your work Diana, there's so much to admire in this one.

A tour de force Diana. That cake looks delish. And is that you at the far end?

As Heather rightly says, a tour de force, it's stunning in detail and suggestion to!!

Morning Christine and thank you for such a lovely compliment. I think people like story and emotion in artwork. Something for me to consider more often. Hello Fred and thanks again for being there with your kind words. Much appreciated. Thank you Stephen. I really value your thoughts on my work. Good morning Willie. I appreciate your interest and it was a nice change to paint an event. Morning Marjorie. Thank you and yes , that’s me. Highly relieved that it’s over!! It’s a ridiculously over hyped responsibility cooking Christmas dinner 😂 Thank you Thalia. I’m delighted you say suggestion as I was a bit worried about over working detail.

This heartwarming work had jumped in my eyes along with sunshine here Edinburgh! Energy energy, cheers, Diana.

Hello Yoko and thank you very much. Sunshine! Lucky you. Lovely ☀️

I’m a little late with my praise Diana.....this is fantastic! So much to see and be interested in, there is a story here, I feel involved.

So much to look at ,love it.

So much to look at, love it.

I love this very much, Diana. What a fab scene, beautifully painted.

Wonderful watercolour Diana -very relaxed yet accurate handling .

Great!! I am delighted with this work, Diana!!!

Thank you Fiona. I love a painting with a story. Thank you Anne. There is more detail than usual but the little objects all add to the event. Thank you very much Shirley, it’s really difficult painting little figures to look get a likeness. Thank you David. If If been brave enough, the surroundings were stronger in tone ... but I wasn’t 😂 Thank you very much Diane. I’m pleased that you like it. Good morning Natalja. Thank you very much for your generous compliment.

Wonderfully loose painting, beautiful.

A stunning painting - it gives a great sense of the activity.

Top notch and envy a masterwork

Sorry for missing your welcome comments Margaret, Chrissie, Dennis and Mario. I like to thank everyone personally and your messages slipped through the net. Lovely surprise to find them this morning. Thank you

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Watercolour on Saunders Waterford paper. 22x15’’. I haven’t attempted a subject with quite so much in in for a long time. The difficulty was how much detail and what to leave out. This is post Christmas Dinner a few years ago

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