Abrupt finish


The results of this painful exercise are wonderful - wonderful reflections and reality.

Indeed Diana, so beautifully you have painted this...after all you went through!

Love it Diana so much talent

This is again a super 'Diana'-painting. I hope everything is ok about the knee.

Lovely work Diana-very brisk and fresh. Interesting hearing of the drama with your easel. Similar things have happened to me

Two terrific paintings, sorry about the spilled blood and paint but at least you didn’t put a foot through the canvas!

Well, the injury was worth it (hope you're feeling better) - a fabulous do which I'd hang on my wall any time.

Superb lighting.

It's always ok if you like the resulting work. It's full of light and atmosphere. I have a similar tale of lino cutting tool and gouged finger, and a nosebleed. Happily not all at the same time!

Ouch! Two super paintings Diana.

Painting's brilliant!! Poor knee😱

Great light as always Diana in your paintings. When accidents happen, it’s as they say, things can only get better- hope your knee is healing.

Thank you Ceri. I’m very happy to read your encouraging feedback. Thank you manoj. I’m so glad that the hole is in my knee and not the painting! That’s very kind of you Dennis. I value your opinion Thank you Mia. I might be more careful where I step next time. Thank you David. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one ! Thank you Katy. Absolutely!! Far rather it was the knee. ! Thank you Heather. I don’t use an easel with watercolour so it’s safer 😂 Thank you Stephen. It’s the same spot on my wooden draining board. Oooh Gudrun. That makes me cringe. Hand injuries are so inconvenient as well as painful. Thank you Fiona. I’ve really enjoyed using a variety of brushes/ knives Thank you Audrey. I’m just glad the painting didn’t fall off face down! Thank you Christine. Good excuse to have a medicinal drink 👍.

The agony and the ecstasy! Wonderful results! Hopefully you will recover soon.

These two are beautiful. Excellent glass. I do hope your knee recovers soon.

Thank you Linda and Sandra. It’s lovely to het your regular support and I really value every comment.

Two fabulous paintings, Diana. Sorry you had to suffer for it, hope all is okay now.

Ouch, hope you're feeling better, Diana. Two superb pieces to compensate, though - absolutely stunning in composition, brushwork and palette!

Worth all your pain and hard work Diana, Diva of reflections and light.

Beautifully done, Diana. Interesting to see your move from watercolour to oil. Hope your knee okay now.

Thank you Ellen. I’m ok and an interesting coloured knee!

Fabulous painting Diana

Thank you Seok. That’s such a lovely compliment Thank you Carole. I’ve really enjoyed trying a variety of brushes and paint consistency.

Thank you Margaret. I’ll enjoy my watercolours again soon but lovely to see how different mediums can be used.

Thank you David. Much appreciated

I really like the patterns formed by the reflections Diana. Hope your knee is healing well.

Thank you Anjana. I was rather manic and exaggerated but those colours were visible in the shadows

Hang on Studio Wall

I was working to complete these experimental oils but tripped over my easel and landed knee first on the large wingnut and took a chunk out. Cleaning up blood and oil paint now !! On the plus side, I’m pleased with the painting 👍😂

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