Late afternoon sun through the blinds

Late afternoon sun through the blinds

As all your work, superb Diana. You tackle tough everyday subjects a nd make them look easy. Quite brilliant.

I love this kind of subject - brilliantly done Diana.

Amazing skill as ever, Diana. In your hands, everyday objects became suggestions for a masterwork.

Wonderful light and dark.

It's a stunning piece Diana, exquisite light effects.

Great subject Diana, exciting painting.

You have found real beauty in a ordinary everyday scene and painted it so well with a lovely natural palette of colours!

As the others have said such a difficult subject but very effect how you picked out the essentials and captured the light

Stunning work again Diana!

Amazing how you transform everyday scenes, Diana, into stunning light-filled paintings! This is super.

Wonderful work Diana, you make the mundane so very interesting. I'm sure that's been said before!

Your back must be much better Diana, I guess this because you probably needed lots of concentration, to tackle the complexities of lights and darks in this stunning painting. Brilliant!

So striking Diana. A very original, dramatic painting.

Hello Jim and thanks. I do like an unusual subject or anything with a strong play of light. Hello Marjorie and thank you. It stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. Thank you Cesare. I Am very flattered. Hello Maureen and thank you for taking time to leave your comment. I really appreciate it Hello and thank you Alan. The subject would be really dull without that amazing sunlight. Thank you Elaine. I really looked forward to painting this one once Id got started. Thank you Sarah. The sienna of the sunlit wood looked so beautiful Thank you Helen. I am training myself to really observe tonal changes as hear so often that they are as, if not more important than colour. Thank you Carole. I always love hearing from you Hello Jenny. Thank you again for your motivating comments. By the way , I loved your flower entry in the Jean Haines competition.

Hello Skylar and thank you. Good to hear from you. You’ve been posting some beauties lately. Hello Russell and thank you. I really love the idea that I can do that. With mundane subjects. Thank you Fiona. Yes , getting engrossed in a piece of artwork I’d very therapeutic. I’m loads better sitting at my table but standing and walking is a sight to behold!! That I can tolerate if I can paint. Thank you Carole. I like a lot of it and am going to paint it again with a different foreground as I think this one is weak

Amazing piece of work Diana. Very attractive.

Your paintings are tremendous, Difficult subjects that i would probably have trouble even photographing and ive been taking pics for over 50 years. Brill......

How do you do it your watercolour are surperb hope you sell loads!!! I no how hard the medium is!!

I don't think I can add anything new or more to what has already been said once again an amazing painting well done Diana

This is so jaw droppingly good Diana the way you've caught the light and shadow. Fantastic.

Superb again, just superb!

Brilliant work Diana, such a clever painting.

What more can I say, it's all been said. I sink it's brilliant. Love it.

Thank you Rachel. I appreciate your interest. Hello Peter and thanks. I took about ten photos from different angles but hadn’t paid enough thought to the foreground. That’s lovely Linda and thank you. I rarely bother selling any paintings unless someone buys one in an exhibition. I always feel embarrassed asking for money😁😁 Thank you again Tao. I appreciate you responding at all as I know how difficult it is to say something without repeating yourself. It that it matters!!

Thank you Val. I think strength of tonal contrast is often an eye catching subject. Hello Thalia and thank you I still see a host of faults when I look at my work which I suppose is all progression of ba kind. Thank you very much Margaret and Fred. I’m always humbled to see the interest in my paintings.

Isn’t that wonderful Diana! The first stage is to notice of it in the first place, where many of us wouldn’t see a potential painting. Excellent observation.

The more you look the more you see, another superb painting, thank you for sharing it with us.

Thank you John. It’s not quite as dark as the photograph. I’ll see what David thinks😳

Superb Diana

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour. Loved these intense shadows

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