My new Docs coming home in car footwell

My new Docs coming home in car footwell

I'm jealous! Great boots, fab painting.

Great picture, I am forever taking accidental pictures of my feet, maybe I should paint one too

Hello Dawn and thanks. I was at the fracture clinic this week and my docs were far more of interest than my fracture!! They drew quite a crowd. Justin, yes, we could have a foot gallery

Bizarre but fascinating and fabuloso! Hope your fracture is mending Diana?

Wow, you're a trendy Diana.(-: Love the idea and beautifully done.

Really unusual and a terrific painting.

Great idea and ridiculously simple Diana, top work!

Thank you Tessa. Its a mystery to me why subjects appeal though I suspect anything would in the right light. Thank you Jim. I looked a bu ***r in them in my Mall visit photos😄😄. Not the shoes but the legs upwards. Thank you Stephen , I’m very flattered that you think so and thank you too Alan. I seem to work better with simple composition and clutter. I was studying some incredibly complex and busy work at the RI watercolour exhibition last week. Stunning stuff

Super, Diana, love the colours - and those boots! I spend most of my time in boots of one sort or another.

Love this - a really original piece of work but so beautifully observed; fantastic boots and you're right the light is great.

Looks great without already, I look forward to seeing the finished article. Congrats on getting into the RI at the Mall Galleries your work deserves it well done.

Thank you very much Jenny and Heather. There is something very appealing about Dr Martens.

Thank you Barry. I was in paradise at the exhibition. Surrounded by inspiring paintings

Hang on Studio Wall

WIP on half sheet watercolour. The linen fabric of the trousers and floor mat to complete once I’ve had s bit of a re think. I really like the light slicing through the scene

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