Scream if you want to go faster

Scream if you want to go faster

Before I read your description Diana, I did think it reminded me of the fairground, so full marks to you - I wouldn't even know how to start a painting like this. Those lights look great by the way!

Your splashing and scrubbing paid off Diana......exceptional work!

Impressive atmosmosphere Diana!

Posted by Holger . on Sun 22 Oct 17:28:09

Glad you kept this Diana, a riot of gorgeous colours I love it. You captured the figures very well too.

Glad you didn't cut this up, it really does capture the lights and movement of the fair

This is amazing Diana. I can hear the sounds of the fair just from this painting. Brilliant!

It's a Diana Waltzer. Knew it was as soon as I saw it. Love your bravery and imagination. Great stuff. "Love is in the Air" is booming out over the tannoy....(-:

Amazing painting diana, you are the master of the faires, it is a very great painting and thank you for sharing your technique, I have still much to learn.

Great...but even better when you squint....

Great colours in this.

Posted by T H on Sun 22 Oct 21:00:44

your paintings should be the inspiration to us all , to get us out there and paint something different beautifully painted well done Diana

Wow....what a ride Diana...fabulous!!!

You certainly think big Diana, this is a great success with an extremely difficult subject.

Thank you Adele, I'm going to go back to this in a few days and see it through new eyes. It lacks something. Thanks Fiona, your comments are alwYs a welcome read Holger ... atmosphere is just what I hoped for. Thank you. Carole, thanks , it's different working on a large scale because,it looks so crude close up. Annie, thanks , your comment is very much appreciated. Painting on full sheets is a dear do when it comes to framing. Marjorie, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback Jim, thanks and love your comment. Made me smile. Cesare, thank you and I think your work has wonderful style of your own Peter,thanks and yes,your right!! Timothy, thank you, talking of colours, I'm going to look at this in B&W to see if the tonal values are varied enough.

Tao, thank you. Your comments are so motivating and valued. Sylvia , thank you . I'm looking forward to working on a smaller paper today! Thanks Alan. I'm getting through a lot of paint and can't afford to frame these great big efforts but think they have impact on the walls of large galleries and I'm preparing to enter the Hull Ferens Open

I think its really clever Diana , I am so glad you have explained how it was done, I wouldn't have known where to start.

This is full of movement Diana, glad it wasn’t cut up. All the fun of the fair with beautiful vivid colours.

Marvellous colour and movement, so atmospheric, I can smell the hot dogs! Wonderful work Diana.

I love it even though it makes me dizzy!!!

Super colours, Diana (and on full imperial again, you must get through some paint!)

Jennifer, thanks. There's no way I,d be on that! I feel dizzy on the carrousel . I friend took the photograph . Jenny, thank you and yes, all these full sheets are taking some paint! I'm getting ready to enter some open exhibitions and think that watercolours have more impact in a large gallery if they are a larger scale. Dawn, thanks .Your comment is much appreciated.

Thank you Gudrun. The annual fair, is part of our important calendar dates here in Hull Russell , thanks for your feedback. I'm delighted to hear peoples reactions so I know which to enter into the exhibitions. Linda, thank you for your comment, It really was a case of throw it on ,which isn't as easy as I thought ! Ellen, thank you for taking time to leave your comment. Its so motivating to read . Margaret, thank you for your lovely comment. I'm delighted that you feel the atmosphere

You just amaze me with your expertise at handling watercolour Diana, you really are the master.

It's works beautifully Diana great sense of movement and excitement

Val. Thank you for such s wonderful compliment. There are so many talented artists here and I learn so much from them all Dermot. Thank you for leaving your comment. I'm delighted that you feel the atmosphere.

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Full imperial watercolour The largest travelling fair in the country comes to my town every October for a week. It was here a week ago and It's so full of atmosphere. I didn't know how to tackle this one so started with large blobs of random colours sprayed with water. Left overnight I did mask out the light bulbs prior to this. From there ie was a wild sweeping of the brush and lifting out. I wanted a fairly wild, loose approx but maybe went too far? At 1pm it was on its way to being cut up to use the back , but after a break , I continued splashing and scrubbing

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