Rusty fish

Rusty fish

Wonderful work Diana, I like it that you choose to paint very unusual subjects!

Like one of my barbecues Diana wonderful painting

Terrific as ever Diana....

Stunning work Diana

Lovely Diana!!

I like the way the top one i for help!

Mmmm sardines! Lovely painting, I like your lost edges.

Thank you Margaret. In this case, it was the colours that attracted me. Thank you Dennis. I'm told that fresh , barbecued fish is lovely. Thank you Jim and Petra. Thanks for the lovely feedback Linda E and Linda W, your comment made me laugh. Glenda, thanks for the lovely comment. The smell of fish really is revolting! My son had a job in a fish factory when he was a student. I collected him with all the car windows wide open. He had to sit on plastic and strip off outside when we got home

Wonderful subject shows off your skill Diana.

Thank you Carole. It looks a bit washed out but I'm far too reserved with colour strength.

Beautifully done!

Excellent as always Diana.

Love that rust effect.

Thank you Karen. Your feedback is valued. Val and Peter, you are very loyal in your comments. Thank you.

You make the most mundane subjects come alive Diana, this is terrific! I use Arches, it's a great paper, although I'm not keen on the rough.

Another brilliant painting Diana...great subject!

Thank you Fiona. I made a mistake, it was in fact heavy Bockingford which Id used on the other side. I have used the Arches today though and like that too. Thank you Sylvia, I hate fish but love to paint them and we all love to paint a bit of rust!

A bit of iron to go with the protein! Excellent painting. Freshly caught and grilled sardines are delicious.

Thank you Gudrun. I wish I liked fish It's so nutritious. I'll stick with a. It of rusty iron!!

I'm using Arches rough at the moment I love it ,I love this all the skillls of watercolour are there fabulous npainting Satu

Very Sorry Diana a senior moment regards the names

Dermot. Don't worry, you can call me whatever you like, I love to hear from you.

Hang on Studio Wall

1/4 imperial Arches rough Reference from Unsplash by Lucas Budimaier. I loved the rust being transferred onto the fish. This is the first time using this paper and I love it.

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