Mid virus sweet peas

Mid virus sweet peas

Love the vibrant colors Diana, and you have given a life to those colors through your brushstrokes..


Lovely rich colours Diana, and the vase sparkles. (Perhaps the stress of the move is catching up with you? By the way, that mentoring course you're applying for looks really interesting.)

Lovely vase of sweet peas I am sure now you are home you will get fit again soon beautiful colours with such a difficult flower to paint as usual beautifully painted Diana

I hope you're on the mend, Diana. This is beautiful, you have achieved lovely richness and vibrancy with these delicate sweet peas.

Stunning Diana - the depth of colour is wonderful and you've chosen the right background colours. Hopefully the painting took your mind off the illness for a short time, too!

Lovely painting Diana rich colours and an unusual angle it's a pretty piece

It looks really good to me Diana. I love the tangle of flower stems in the jug. Hope you feel better soon.

Diana I would be delighted to have done this....it is utterly beautiful. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

Fabulous colours

Posted by T H on Sat 16 Sep 22:16:09

It's a beautiful piece . Get well soon .

Well I think it's a smashing piece Diana, very confident painting.

Thank you Nandhini. I am working on being a bit braver with colour strength. Not in the darks but middle values as well. Thank you Karen. Your comment has cheered me up. Thanks a Jenny. Sadly, the move has been delayed a while but the course doesn't start until a January so it should be ok. I have bend stressed about it. I went to Cornwall a week ago but only stayed a day and came back to Hull!! I wanted to be back with my cat!!!! Thank you Tao. I don't think Ive captured the delicacy of the petals but the colours are ok. The good thing is that I painted and enjoyed it. Thank you Ann. I might have to admit defeat and see a dr. My sister is a gp and she hinted that I need to go. Anyway, thanks for the encouraging comment. Thank you Helen. Yes, It did distract me for a couple of hours. Painting is so therapeutic Thanks Dennis. I am trying to wean myself off tracing images . I often use trace down paper or project larger photos. I would love to stop owing that because it's a bit like colouring in! Thank you Adele. I think it's time to admit defeat and see a dr. I'm use Ill be fine soon. Thank you Sylvi. What. Lovely comment to cheer me up. I really appreciate it. Thank you Timothy. I m working on being braver with the colour strengths.

Thank you Helen. Sitting close to the painting had it drying more quickly !!! The heat coming off me also uses up more calories,so every cloud!!! Alan ,thank you for restoring my own confidence. Funny how. Few days away from it really knocks you back. Like riding a bike I suppose. Little wobble initially then back to familiar confidence

Fab and vibrant Diana, you are expert in any subject. Love the little glass jug too. Hope you feel well soon and Go to the Dr!!

What can I say Diana, its a beautiful painting, everything about it is lovely.

Thank you Carole. I keep hoping I'll be better the next day. I'll make am appointment tomorrow!! Thank you Linda and Gudrun. Painting is such effective medicine.

Superb! I love this beautiful painting Diana, such marvellous colours. Get well soon!

Don't know how I missed this Diana. Lovely.

Well painted Diana. The colours are so vibrant and the difficult to paint Sweet Peas are so well observed.

Margaret , Jim, George and Maureen. Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial Saunders Waterford rough. Talking of rough,that's what I'm feeling and have been for a while. I have a temperature but not really sure why. Anyway,apologies for not commenting for a week or so. I felt the urge to paint this afternoon which is a great improvement!! I don't paint florals often but love those vibrant pinks and neal black purples of sweet peas. I'm not particularly pleased with the painting but delighted to have done it.

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