Karen Thomas


After a promising early start I was told (as so many artists are) to get a ‘proper job’! Fast forward more years than I care to mention, and a move to Devon it all came flooding back out. After a period of experimentation and a stint of formal learning, I quickly became mesmerised by my own holy grail - clean, blindingly fresh watercolour. In short, I live to paint, I'm inspired by just about everyone and everything and there are watercolour smears on my face every day. I've been fortunate to hone my passion painting alongside and learning from my own favourite artists - a handful of watercolour ‘giants’. From our own UK masters, through to the Aussie gang and the ‘California School’. Now an award-winning full-time artist and author of "A Passion for Watercolour", I have learned, and still have yet to learn, an awful lot. But if the joy I feel when painting comes over in my paintings then I'm happy.