Old Farm Buildings


Love those splashes of white conjuring up the lovely light within the drawing , Alan.

I agree with Carole, Alan. Those white passages lift an excellent drawing to somewhere above superb. It's very appealing.

Great piece. Love the highlights

Fabulous!! I love this.

I love to see drawings here and this one stands out Alan. Lovely!

The use of white has made this sing!

A lovely sketch Alan!

Lovely tonal piece, Alan!

Oooo….lots of goodies in the make up of your drawing, I like the sound of those inks. Wonderful tones and highlights.

Thanks guys, much appreciated! This bistre ink is made in the traditional way using birch & beech wood soot, bound with gum Arabic. Wonderful stuff!

Wonderful piece Alan, love it.

Nice pen work - from another era.

This is lovely. The white highlights are superb - they really made me look!

That ink looks wonderful! So does your landscape!

Very effective Alan. The white really lifts the painting.

Cracking sketch Alan - really love these sketches

Great sketch Alan. Hopefully you'll paint it?

Lovely contrasting tones Alan

Beautiful scene, lovely sketch Alan.

Beautiful 😍

Has that traditional feel.

I like your drawing Alan. I had to smile as your description sounded a bit like the kind of thing they say when presenting a dish on Masterchef !

Cheers guys… yes, I see what you mean Diane!

Really good. Benefits from not having a distracting sky.

This is great Alan - the paper, ink and chalk make such an effective combination, plus excellent drawing ability of course!

I very much like the marks you have made Alan, particularly in the foreground. And the ink sounds intriguing too!

Love it Alan 🙂

Which type of Ackerman pen do you use Alan if you don’t mind me asking? It looks a lovely to use

Thanks everyone for your comments. Rachel, I’ve bought two, but basically identical apart from the nibs. I’ve got the Manga G pump pen, and the Classic pump pen. You can only buy them directly from the manufacturer in the States, so a good chunk of postage to pay… but worth it! They work better on smoother surfaces in general! But they don’t clog up!

Thanks Alan- lovely looking pens!

I love your very nuanced and different patches of white. A very painterly touch!

Hang on Studio Wall

Loosely based on a Rembrandt drawing. Strathmore A4 Toned Gray paper, Ackerman pen and Indian ink with a Wallace Seymour Bistre ink wash.

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