Oak Tree Farm & Barns, Sandon, Winter Landscape.

Oak Tree Farm & Barns, Sandon, Winter Landscape.

Terrific the way the space is created colours leading the eye with brilliance Alan

I WANT IT!!!!! Alan, this has everything.....depth, richness, textures, atmosphere, love it. I think this has gone straight to the top of my 'Alan top ten'....lol

Super work Alan, lots for the eye to rove over and enjoy.

No where near any rubbish like the rest of your smashing work Alan. It's up there on my list too.

Gorgeous snowy landscape Alan in the now familiar Buckley colours and style excellent mate .

Well, of course, it&#39;s a Friday painting Alan - incidentally, did all the great artists never paint on Sundays? It makes a pair with your Christmas one, another beauty.<br />

It&#39;s great! You&#39;ve made a cold snowy scene look so warm and rich in colour! Marvellous.

Another really good painting Alan, love the understated touches of colour

As always, I am delighted to receive your comments, more snow scenes to come I feel, working on a Sunday painting as I write... thank you all.

Absolutely terrific Alan!! Like all the others I love it!!

To coin a phrase. Superb. The richness of colours from the front, then eeking out towards the back ... well, masterful. I look forward to more snow scenes. It puts my sketch in the &#39;pale&#39; section!!

Absolutley gorgeous Alan. crystal clear colours and have to agree with all the previous comments on how good this is.

Oh Lordy, thought I had posted a comment here Alan. Yes definitely one of my favourites , that distant reflection on the snow, then the detailed foreground , brilliant!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 24 x 30in, painted yesterday before visiting. Painted from sketches, similar landscape to my last one but from a different perspective, Sandon Church in the background and sight of the road and village, although the houses don't show up too well at this size.

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