A Vision of Spain.

A Vision of Spain.

As always an impressive painting and certainly has that look of Spain.

I like the minimal description of the buildings Alan , it works really well for this highly complicated architectural subject. Look forward to seeing your WIP article in due course.

Yes, I like that Alan. The dark greens against the sandstone effect work well and the cedar trees give it the Mediterranean feel. . Nice work.

Beautiful colours, you can feel the heat rising. I love the composition with the dark greens in the foreground, they work so well with the rest of the painting 😀

Love the way you have painted those buildings Alan. I have attempted something similar but found it incredibly difficult and couldn’t pull it off. Those patches of light adjacent to the rich reds and greens give life to this beautiful view. Also love the foreground of vibrant greens which frame the painting.

Wow Alan that is a vision beautiful

Love the way the trees move the eye around the loosely painted buildings, Alan, and especially the feeling of distance from that muted grey giving a silhouette to the townscape. Great piece again, Alan

Lovely comments from you all, thanks you so much, glad you’re enjoying this series.

Beautifully painted as usual Alan, lovely.

Wonderful impressionistic painting Alan....certainly takes me back to Spain with that fabulous panorama! !Great contrasts... I love the dark green against the pinky reds. 🌷

One of many great things about looking at your paintings is that I can instantly see what was wrong with some of mine! You have perfectly judged the amount of detail - it's not that there's none: but that you don't slot it in where it's not needed and wouldn't fit. In short, dammit, you're too good!

I'm with the others, Alan. The palette is very believable, as it shows heat and light superbly. The contrasting colours work a treat. Bri

Thanks again guys, appreciated. Robert, you do make me laugh sometimes with your comments, cheers.

Your palette certainly captures the warmth and atmosphere of Spain Alan. I like the foreground foliage giving depth to the scene.

Perfect colour and you have captured the warmth and beauty of your subject.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on MDF 20 x 20in. Continuing the Spanish theme that I’ve been working on, using reference material from my recent trip. In the main, I’ve concentrated on subjects that reflect the architecture of the region, as opposed to the landscape, and loving those vibrant and warm earth colours that I always find so inspiring on Spanish buildings. As always, minimal detail with the emphasis on unlaboured spontaneity, impressionistic even – my vision of the scene, and not intended as an accurate architectural representation. I’ve been taking stage photographs along the way, and the WIP feature will be in the November e-newsletter. Some way off of course, but I hope it may be of interest to a few of you. My recent WIP was a similar subject but painted at the scene, a totally different scenario and experience to painting this one in the studio. I’ll let you decide which was the most enjoyable!

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