A Seago Style Landscape

seago sky1

It's very nice indeed Alan (even as is). I particularly like that sky and the colours used throughout

Wow, I love it, super painting Alan, a stunning piece of work.

A superb landscape and sky painting Alan. I particularly like the colours in the clouds formations.

Another splendid piece. I've very much enjoyed your articles in the 'Artist', and look forward to this.

A beautiful sky, and I really like the effect of the heavy gesso, adding movement and energy to the painting Alan.

Those colours are lovely, i can’t wait to see your article!

Lovely textures on this, Alan.

Will be fascinating to see how this developed, and the added tweaks, I love it, especially the movement in the sky.

Looking forward to the Artist Magazine article, Alan. Jiri

This has such a peaceful calmness about it Alan. I especially admire the sky with its vertical brushstrokes.

Love the sky colour Alan.

This a great Alan. Beautiful sky.

This is terrific Alan! Seago was the first artist’s work I fell in love with and tried to emulate. You’ve captured so many characteristics of his wonderful style….unfussy and straight to the point, those gorgeous meaty layers of thick paint and prominent brush strokes. Importantly though, his magnificent expressive skies. You’ve inspired me Alan!

Lovely big sky and good compostion. Lovely detail at the forthground. Great shading, great all round 🤗

Great sky and I especially like the foreground detail and colours.

I really like this Alan - just as it is- especially seeing the brush marks in the sky, it’s got a lot of energy that sky!

I really like this a lot!! Could almost be passed as a Seago piece of work, the subject and most certainly the sky. Absolutely top class!

Yes, you have certainly captured that Seago feel here Alan.

A fairly good representation in the style of Seago but working in any artists style dose not give a true reflection of the artists inner feelings of a subject which is what art should always be about and was abundant in all of the work that Seago produced...

Love it! Immediately recognized a Seago style!!

Lovely spacious sky with interesting contrasting landscape Alan.

I will be reading your article with great interest. Super painting, Alan.

Love the colours in the foreground, especially that yellow, and the sky is superb.

I have also enjoyed your articles in the Artist - I agree with Heather, the sky is beautifully painted with energy and great tones and subtle use of colour and the rest is not bad either!!!

I like the heavy gesso effect Alan. Look forward to your article.

Thanks for your comments everyone! John, I can’t get inside the head of Seago, this painting is about looking at his style, palette and application of paint, not a copy!

very nice.

Posted by Nauman B on Mon 10 Jan 21:38:03

Seago excelled in oil and watercolour, and as I remember he used very thick paint very often: the paint in your study is thick, but if I may implicitly criticize Seago, I prefer your more refined approach. You won't be wanting to do TOO much more to this, I'm sure: it's extremely pleasing as it is - and it would work even if half the sky were cropped out, as viewing the half-concealed image as I type proves.

I think it’s an absolutely beautiful landscape. The buildings on the horizon are so effective too.

An energetic sky over a beautiful, still landscape adds up to a stunning piece of work Alan .

Hang on Studio Wall

I’m working on a series of sky studies in the style of Seago, some of which are scheduled to appear in The Artist magazine shortly. I’ve used his palette and prepared my boards in a similar way (but used an alternative to rabbit skin glue) to this much admired British artist. This one has been painted in stages as a WIP, I hope some of you will find it interesting. This isn't quite finished, it needs a few minor colour tweaks. Oil on heavily gessoed/chalk board 40x50cm

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