Guess Who One Liner

Guess Who One Liner

Well, that wild red hair makes me think Shirley Travena? Lovely lively one-liner Thea whoever it is. Wasn't it lovely to be in the Leisure Painter Online Gallery feature? Well done for suggesting the challenge and for all the fun we've had!

Shirley who?? If this is Thea, what a character and an inspiration.

Thank you Christine and Annette for trying to guess. I won't let on yet though! I did look a bit more for this one as I am now trying to incorporate the one liner, minimum looking method into my normal work to see how I can progress it. I have definitely learned much better observational skills through having a go at these and I think it has changed the way I draw and paint forever. It is so much less stressful this way and I am embracing the inaccuracies and mistakes as I can now see that is where the character springs from.

Ah OK just Googled her.

It's not me, Derek - but if I had this lady's talent I would be a happy bunny. Thank you for having a guess - all will be revealed later.

Have you got is now, Derek? I have rather exaggerated the hair I think but you get the idea1

No idea but love the paint marks - exciting work Thea

Very lively work Thea, I can see you are enjoying this new way of working.

Yes very Shirley! Really good Thea.

Yep, has to be Shirley T although Medusa in specs sprang to mind!

I'll look her up. Great drawing. It's encouraging that your experiment is working out well for you!!

I'd have known that red hair anywhere - well done!

Well I went out for the day and then came back and found all these lovely comments and guesses - thank you all so much. Yes, it is our Shirley with the mad red hair. Had great fun drawing and painting her.

This is fabulous, Thea! I know Shirley's work but have no idea what she looks like. Will google her shortly. In any event, I absolutely love this portrait - the gorgeous splashes of cool shadows and that glorious red hair - stupendous work!

I don't know this lady but as a oneliner portrait it's really really good Thea!!! Full of character and so expertly drawn. I haven't received the Leisure painter yet and won't see it for a fortnight because I'm in Finland at the moment and it didn't arrive before I left. Can't wait to see it! Well done Thea!

Super Thea, as is your whole gallery of one-liners, and great to see the progression in the execution. Quite honestly think you won't be able to revert to previous portrait-drawing techniques after this experience, it will be most interesting to see how it works out. We don't get Leisure Painer here, so I can't read the article, but by all accounts you have definitely made some impact, well done ! I often use Charles Reid's modified blind contour drawing method to get myself started (I find it helpful to keep an eye on my breathing when doing them, have you noticed how much it can influence the result ?) but have trouble in keeping the washes relaxed when adding watercolour. Just have to keep on practicing, all these contributions are certainly inspiring.

Hang on Studio Wall

I don't think that this one is that difficult, but we will see......!

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