Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Not sure about Camilla but Charles is Fab!

Yep! Charles and Camilla. Very well done :)

Fabulous Charles and of course it has to be Camilla!

Thank you very much Debs, Sarah and Christine - glad you got it! I know Camilla is very dodgy, but I thought Charles was good enough to give the clue to who they were. I omitted to say that this was done super quickly - 15-20 mins at most which is probably why I didn't get Camilla as I was rushing by then (I had set myself a speed challenge - should have said that as well!)

Well I got this one, it's the first one I've got right, very well done Thea, love it.

I guessed straight away who they are Thea. They look fabulous! How do you do your drawings these days? Still upside down without looking?

Brilliant Thea so flowing

Thank you Alan, Satu and Dennis and well done for guessing right! Satu, doing the one liners changed my drawing methods for ever I think and now I try hard not to look too much at my paper - quick glances only just to check where I am. I haven't done an upside down for a while, but I have one I want to do that is difficult, so I might turn that one round as it is easier to see shapes and not be daunted about what it actually is (if that makes sense?)

Recognised them immediately ! Bravo !

Does make sense Thea, much easier upside down.

I doubt whether you'd have got such a good likeness had you spent hours painting them. I might have got Camilla had she been solo because of her hair but together, it's obvious. Love seeing these as well in the gallery but because you're good at them, it's too easy to guess!

Bit late but I would have got this one Thea.

Unmistakable who they are Thea, you&#39;re the Queen of the one liners. <br />Thank you for your kindness over the last few months, I&#39;m now slowly getting back into my art.

Excellent are getting too good at these!

Bang on Thea great likeness well done

Charles and Camilla - he&#39;ll be grateful to you for giving him rather more hair than currently resides on the regal bonce.

Looks like they&#39;re enjoying themselves

Posted by K 0 on Tue 16 Jun 08:31:01

Straight away, brilliant.

Great speedy painting Thea - if it were given to me, I&#39;d cut the right side off and frame the left! :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

I think I got the one on the right better than the one on the left - but who are they?

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