Bluebell (Upside Down, One Liner)

Bluebell (Upside Down, One Liner)

Absolutely brilliant Thea!!! It has so much character that it's unbelievable! This fantastic technique has open so many new doors to us all and every drawing is now a great challenge , an enjoyable one!

I agree with Satu, Absolutely fan dabbi dozzy. Really captures the character so well in such a simple way, it reminds me of Mary Ann Rogers. The style that is not the cow.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 25 Nov 17:25:38

Nothing 'Moo...dy' about this gal Thea, she's a very happy meadow lady! I love her dappled nose and I would die for eye lashes like Full of life and personality.

Thank you very much Satu, Kevin and Fiona for such lovely feedback. You are right, Satu, that this method of drawing is opening doors for me in that I am tackling subjects that would normally scare me to death. Kevin, I don't know Mary Ann Rogers - must look her up. I agree about the eyelashes, Fiona - cows do seem to be well endowed in this department!

just made me laugh it.

It's fabulous Thea, I love the way this cow seems to be eyeing us up! I've not had much time to myself the last few days and have missed doing the one-liners, hope to find time tomorrow!

You're drawing subjects which you probably wouldn't have done pre the one-liners which is resulting in beauties like Bluebell, a cow!! She's wonderful, such an inquisitive look and bags of that elusive character which seems to come across with the upside down method. What size is she?

The painting or the cow Louise!!??

Ohh!! Satu's really made me laugh!! .Umm, actually, I always like to know how big cows are...LOL!!!

Very lively work Thea, those eyes are quite hypnotic!

Thank you very much Sylvia, Christine, Louise, and Satu - great comments and I am glad that you found it fun. Louise, it is 40cm x 30cm - as I said quite a bit larger than the ones I have done before. As for the cow - not sure how big she is but happily she weighs more than me, lol!

Fresh as a Daisy, ops I mean Bluebell, lovely face and excellent work!

Love it Thea, like the 'nose up to camera' look.

Gorgeously splodgey & free

Love the way you've splashed the paint on, nice and loose. The drawing is great and it's a good subject. I think you should call her Marble.

Thank you very much Debs, Carole, Lynne and Robert - very nice of you to stop by and comment so positively. These drawings are so much fun to do - I am loving the less stressful method!

Fabulous work, Thea! These upside down one liners are really adding a very quirky and interesting dimension to your already super work.

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My daughter requested a cow - never drawn one before, so I thought here goes....! I have done three so far and this is the first one. For the first time, I drew this quite large which I found trickier than doing the much smaller drawings I have been doing so far.

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