Boatyard Flotilla

Boatyard Flotilla

A very beautiful, strong painting Thea! You have filled the paper this time and it works very well. Good composition and your delicate touch still visible.

At first glance, I didn't realize that this was yours. Well done for trying something different. I like it, especially the strong colours used.

Thank you very much Satu and Louise for you kind comments. I just thought I would do something a bit stronger and a bit different to my usual paintings - just to keep you on your toes lol!

Lovely work Thea and it is indeed very different, colours are lovely and strong, lovely range of boats as well with your customary attention to detail, the whole scene works really well and it is great to see you broadening your horizons Thea!

Thank you very much, Ros. I really enjoyed playing with all the colours and interlocking shapes of the boats and felt that such big and powerful boats deserved equally big and powerful colours.

Beautiful textures and wet in wet colour variations on the boats, Thea, and a lovely crisp light.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look and comment, Caroline. Much appreciated.

I really like this. It's all the detail that would put most artists off so well done for seeing it as a positive rather than a negative. I love the colours and the composition. I think I might start to look at views with more "stuff" in them. It gives the viewer more to do and doesn't get boring. Fab.

Lovely picture Thea , lots of things to look at, you are brave, I'm still in my comfort zone, (its my age) will try something different one day , but not yet.

As you say, very different from your usual style, but very effective. Nice textures on the boats too.

No wonder you wanted to dive in and paint this one, as you say lots of bits and bobs to catch the eye, and some great colour combinations, I think you have 'pulled it off' very successfully!

Thank you very much Dawn, Karyl, Stephen and Debs for such encouraging comments. I think it was doing the very intricate pen and washes of Venice that showed me that detail doesn't always have to be simplified and there is beauty and interest in the shapes of clutter. I think it helped in this painting that all the boats and objects are linked together so that the sum of all the small parts becomes a larger overall shape, which hopefully helps to give a bit of cohesion.

A great subject - one that's familiar from somewhere - excellently brought off. I think you could 'let go' a touch more though; the risk is much lower than in portraiture where - as you say - it's best to be faithful to your inner promptings.

Thank you, Kim, for your very kind comment. You keep hinting that I could let go a bit more and you are absolutely right and I am trying. However, at the moment I seem to lack the ability to abandon my inner tidiness and I can't seem to work out how to approach being a bit more free in my work. Funnily enough, when I do a still life I seem to be able to let the paint bleed and flow in a way that I don't do when I approach a landscape or, as in this case, boats. Not sure why my brain allows one and not the other? I will work hard on letting go a bit more and you giving me a good push is probably the nudge I need.

Pin Mill is a great place for subjects like this. I think you've portrayed the scene very well. Long may Betula and Manon continue to pose for us . From Colin

I love it!!! hope you have entered Patchings this year if you have good luck!!:)Linda

Thank you very much, Colin for your nice comment. I agree that the Manon and Betula are very good subjects for a painting. This is the second time I have painted the Manon and I have really enjoyed it both time. Thank you very much, Linda - I have entered Patchings with a couple of paintings but I am not hopeful. I have managed a Highly Commended two year's running, so I think my luck may have run out now. I would never win a major prize because I am not good enough and probably never will be as I left it too late, I think, to start painting. One of life's big regrets.

Your approach is so fresh Thea! I just love how you concentrate on all the gubbins and not the boats. This is a bright, breezy and very eye catching painting. Good luck at Patchings.

Thank you very much, Sarah, for your comment and also your good wishes for Patchings. I am not holding my breath over that one as I am not sure I put anything in worthy of winning - but one can always hope.

HI Thea, Especially your colour is fantastic. This one is no exception. I like it.

Such beautiful colours, Thea this looks complicated to draw, you have done very well!

Thank you very much Midori and Carole for such nice comments. Midori, how nice of you to mention the colours as I know how brilliant you are at combining colours yourself - so praise indeed! Carole, it wasn't actually that complicated to draw as I didn't approach it as boats and barrels, etc but as a lot of shapes within an overall shape, which I found easier. I did blanch a bit when I first saw the photo, but it was such a great composition that the desire to have a go at it overcame any hesitation about the difficulty of it.

A busy scene which you have pulled off with aplomb Thea. Gets my vote :)

Its lovely and though a little different your style and talent show through ,nicely done Thea, I have been busy the past three months sculpting a totem for an exhibition it was good fun but a lot of work,

Thank you very much, Val and William, for such positive feedback which is much appreciated.

You know I love detail, and I also like the tonal variation here. A great 'cropped' composition.

This works really well, I love the way the colours blend together..beautiful!

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A bit of a departure for me in that this is a totally filled in painting - something I rarely do. Also, I know that the holy grail is to simplify a scene as much as possible but in this instance it was the amount of detail and bits and bobs of nautical paraphernalia lying around that really excited me and made me want to cram the painting full of them. A tricky one to pull off and I am not sure that I have? Watercolour on Langton 200lbs.

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