St Monan's Harbour

St Monan's Harbour

Wow, surprised to find I am the first commenter on your delightful pen and wash, or pen and paint as you say! I have had to come through to page 6 or 7 to find the start of the paintings I have not seen, this is gorgeous Thea, love your bight little cottages and the super little boats in the harbour, it us such a fresh bright scene which is so typical of all your super paintings, and as you say let's all have a great 2014 and hopefully get some sales in along the way xx

Just realised that didn't make sense u r on page 1 Thea!!

Hi Thea, another beauty, just love your delicate work.

Thank you very much, Ros and Karyl - glad you like it. It is nice to get back to painting after the Christmas and New Year break. All back to normal now.

Excellent image with plenty of interest in the detail and very good composition..also, it looks just like summer, whatever that was!

Thank you, Roger, very kind of you to comment.

Really like the colorful harbour wall

Posted by K 0 on Tue 07 Jan 13:59:48

Happy new year, Thea. This is just beautiful.

Posted by Ann Cook on Tue 07 Jan 14:01:42

A happy new year Thea, like this painting with really fine choice of colours and composition, I have painted this scene many times and only point I would make is that this is Crail Harbour not St Monans but this does not in any way distract from a nice piece.

This is lovely Thea! Very well drawn, just enough detail and good colour. A good start to the new year!

Happy New Year and what a great way to start - super pen and paint!!

lovely p&p, Thea, and very St Monans - I know it well

I've never been to St.Monan's Harbour Thea but this lovely colourful painting has made me want to go! A touch of summer to brighten up this grim winter!

Spotted this as one of yours straight away Thea. I don't think it matters how much or how little watercolour you add to a pen drawing as long as it works and this certainly does.

Thank you very much Keven, Ann and Graham for your encouragement. Graham, I have painted Crail Habour recently and it was a very different scene to this painting. I found the resource photo for this one and it definitely said it was of St Monan's. I have gone back and found some more photos of St Monan's, and although they are taken from a different angle, the house layouts and styles are the same - so am confused now!

Thank you very much Louise, Debs, Jenny, Christine and Stephen for your lovely comments. I am actually wondering if I can tackle a portrait in pen and wash (or even pen and painting!). Has anyone done this and can point me in the direction of some examples. I can't decide where to start.

Packed with colour and interest Thea and I love the harbour wall.

St Monans or Crail, there's no mistaking it's the East Neuk of Fife Thea :) Beautifully done, just the right amount of pen and the right amount of paint and the result is super.

You have a lovely fresh and colourful style with plenty of details. I think your light washes work very well with you line work and look forward to seeing some more of these this year.

The sense of a higgledy-piggledy little harbour. Very charming Thea.

Great combination of media Thea, clean and crisp painting.

One of your very best Thea

Have to agree with Louise Thea, great start to the year. Interesting composition with lots of detail and beautifully painted.

I have to agree with Graham this is Crail, an easy mistake to make as those Fife fishing villages look very similar, at first I thought it was Pittenween. I was brought up near here and still visit regularly, and I get mixed up at times.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 07 Jan 22:14:52

That's very odd as I have done one of Crail Harbour and it was nothing like this scene?? It is on my pen and wash gallery if you want to take a look. I am confused now. Shall I just call it 'Unknown Scottish Fishing Village', lol!

Never mind the name or where it actually is, this harbour scene is most beautiful and I love it Thea!

Thank you very much, Satu, you are very kind. There are a host of fishing villages in the East Neuk of Fife and a lot of them look very similar. I can only think that the photo reference I used made a mistake about which of the villages it was. I am just the poor unsuspecting artist, lol! But, as you say, it doesn't really matter in the end - I enjoyed doing it.

Happy New Year, Thea! Hmmm, there's a new artistic genre called "Originally Thea"! It's brilliant, Thea, and your style works beautifully, so who's to say it doesn't conform to a certain art form? I just love the glowing hues and the way the boats lead the eye into the painting. Super!

Another great one Thea and if this is the start of 2014 I can't wait to see how you expand on this fabulous style.

Thank you so much, Seok, - I like the idea of starting a new genre!! A bit ambitious for me really, but I'll give it my best shot this year. Thank you very much, Dawn - support like that does wonders for my desire to keep going and keep improving.

Lovely colourful and interesting scene Thea!

What a glorious painting, Thea, so fresh and full of light. There is also an atmosphere of movement and life about this fishing village - wherever it may be! Thank you for your comment on my sketch. I have added colour but could not get the thin wash over the pen that I wanted. Mind you, it was my first attempt in fifteen years, so I may try again with proper watercolour paints. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspirational work!

Another delightful painting! It makes me feel happy, warm and peaceful. I love the bright colours and your style.

Well done on your first of the year . Your style is superb and always a pleasure to explore !

Thank you so much Sarah, Lionel, Chris and Avril. I feel a bit over-whelmed and suprised that my simple pen and wash has been so well received. Quite humbling actually and I feel very grateful for all the support.

I have come rather late to the party, but I agree - fresh and warm if that makes any sense!

I can't wait to see this one in the flesh - it's beautiful. So much going on and yet a really peaceful and colourful scene. Well done Thea! Your best P&P yet!

Hullo Thea, and Happy 2014. Yes, I've been awol a while - a spell in hospital, but feel better now. Above all, in the artistic doldrums: trying to find that elusive virtual place where things come together, but failing dismally. Perhaps Wright might be a glimmer of light at the end of a longish fallow tunnel: a trifle 'busy' perhaps, but still something I'm pleased to sign off. You sit and stare at these extraordinary human beings, trying to get under their skin. After a while (a week or so?) you feel some modest degree of intimacy with the subject and pick up your brushes. Then the folly of your hubris hits you, enthusiasm cools, humility gets the upper hand. Thank goodness that Hope is the last to die! Your painting is delicious: you've found your 'space'. Explore it, enjoy it and don't move a muscle!

Thank you so much, Kim. I am sorry you have been unwell and glad to hear you are better and painting again. I understand your angst as I also seem to fret and pick at a painting problem and then get despondent when I fail. I think it is something that goes with the territory. I am encouraged that you think that I've found my 'space'. I have been re-assessing what exactly I am doing with my art - pen and wash or normal painting. I can't seem to rid myself from the idea that pen and wash is somehow cheating and the results don't have the gravitas of 'proper' paintings. Not sure what you think about that one - would be interested to know.

Hi Thea (Nice meeting you) I love the harbour scene.The colours and touch are great Please do not take this as negative criticism but I feel a little human activity would even lift it to an even higher level Maybe I am wrong ( I often am) Well done.A good Painting for sure. Barry.

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My first painting of 2014 and I think I am going to invent a new medium called pen and painting rather than pen and wash. I just can't seem to do a pen drawing and then add a small bit of wash here and there. Mine all seem to turn into pen drawings and paintings - so from now on I think they will have to be termed P & P, lol! Anyway, here's to a good year of painting for everyone, with lots of success, the odd masterpiece thrown in and lots of lucrative sales - Happy New Year!

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