I should think you are pleased!! If only I could achieve such simple sensitivity. Well done indeed.

Lovely portrait Thea and they are always potentially difficult in watercolour but you have managed to capture the models features while giving the appearance of a casual few strokes, while we all know the effort that you will have put into this and the agonising you will have gone over with it to get the features just how you wanted them to be, love the way you always just 'hint' at colours and tones in your portraits and they are always all the more successful because of that, and this one is just as excellent as your portraits always are, and before you come back at me there to say they are not always so successful, I have to have to jump in and say, yes they are, you really are so good at portraits Thea!, bye for now xx

Let me just say that the amount of information gleaned from Charles Reid's course which you have made available via your blogs is 'awesome'. How you managed to retain it in your head in such great detail I cannot comprehend. and you made no notes as he worked his magic! I can understand why he commended you on the portrait. It is very good.

And the fact that you have used a model , sat in front of it and drawn from life is so self evident. Well observed and painted. From life really is the best way.

This is a super portrait Thea and I'm seriously impressed!

Thank you very much Brian, Ros, Sylvia, Lesley,Louise and Michael for such nice comments. I was pleased with the result but then I had jut watched a master at work. How I will get on in the solitude of my little studio with no Charles at my elbow is another matter!

Marvelous portrait, Thea - I love your style of watercolour from the moment I saw your work. The course sounds excellent.

Thank you, Kate. The course was truly amazing and it was wonderful to learn so much.

beautiful work Thea, and thank you

Very skilful Thea , wonderful result :)

Oh yes -you can see Charles in this and you in Charles!

Thank you so much Alan, Sarah and Debs for such generous praise.

It's very very good Thea! You have achieved a wonderful portrait in watercolour and that is not easy. You can be proud of yourself!

Just one word Thea, excellent!

sounds as if you have had a very fruitful time - I like your portrait.

Love this Thea. I find life studies terrifying (also a little ruler reliant ;) ) And this is just beautifully simple.

Lovely fresh watercolour Thea, especially since it is your first from life. I can see you picked up a lot from Charles Reid, who is also one of my favourite watercolourists. I have two videos of his, but can't play them now I've updated my TV. Fortunately, I can still read his books.

Hi Thea, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my pastel portrait of the lovely boy 'Angel' so pleased you like it so much, after my drawing of Nelson Mandela it was suggested that I do more portraits so this was my first one since then of course, the original photo of this little boy is simply stunning, hopefully the link I added to my write on the drawing works and people who want to can get to see that photo, I feel my attempt was successful, it was always going to b a difficult one and indeed no one else on the pmp site has had a go at it, thanks gain Thea xxx

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Following the masterclass in portrait painting we had in the morning, we all set about trying to do our own portraits in the afternoon, trying to put into practice all the information that Charles had given us. This was the first time I had attempted a portrait from a live model and it was difficult. Normally I take measurements from any photo I am using to place the features, but I could hardly shove a ruler up the poor model's nose, so I had to rely on a careful drawing and good observation. I was pleased with the portrait as I feel it gets closer to what I have been trying to achieve. Watercolour on Langton 200lbs.

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