Guess Who One Liner

Guess Who One Liner

It's that f in Glaswegian again. Yes you are all getting too good at these.

The Big Yin?

Bill Connolly? You've definitely done a sterling job, Thea! The likeness is unmistakeable and the washes are fresh and glowing. Love it!

Your best yet Thea, I love these one liner portraits!

Oh he is good yes the big Yin. Best ever Thea.

Instantly recognisable Thea. Brilliant! Honestly, we could spend hours faffing about painting a portrait only to discover that a nose or something wasn't quite right and for someone to point out faults that we hadn't spotted. Then, you come along with the oneliners, possibly drawn upside down and hey presto, a portrait of someone who we all get instantly. It's magic isn't it and such fun.

Even I could manage this one. The man who told the late Rod Hull just where he could stick his Emu.....

I think with your 'guess who's' Thea it's your distinctive painting style that brings them to life. It would be interesting to see the drawing before paint is added just to see if it's quite so obvious who is portrayed.

Love your one liners, very clever! What a talent you have :)

Och aye my wee lassie great piece Thea

Gosh, what a lot of lovely comments - I am taken aback! You have all been so generous and what lovely compliments - wow. The thing is (referring to Louise's comment) I have done portraits in the conventional way many times before and they have taken time, thought and, looking back at them now, haven't always had that much vitality about them. I love doing these portraits and it is almost as big a surprise to me how they turn out, because I draw them with gay abandon, and paint them with a similar gung ho attitude, which is why I find it hard to regard them as 'proper' work. Lesley kindly says 'talent' but I can't possibly put these sketches on the same level as one of her amazing paintings, so I end up regarding mine as 'playing out' rather than painting in all seriousness. However, I am enjoying 'playing out' so much that I will continue and get back to 'proper' work at some time in the future (well.... I might, lol!)

P.S. Christine - the drawings are different and I feel these portraits only come alive when painted. I could post the drawing and then the painting of the next one I do. I have one already done, so it will have to be the one after than. Still working on my next challenge - tried it last night and failed so will have to have another go.

Och aye, tis th big yin th noo!

Not only a one liner but you have managed to capture his lively ness too Thea.

What do you mean, 'proper' work, a difficult word to define in art. Of course it's proper work, you've applied artistic mediums and got a brilliant result! What's more, you've enjoyed the process and are happy with the out come.......and we all recognised him! What's not proper about that? You do an amazing job on your portraits, don't stop!

Hang on Studio Wall

I think this one may be easy? (Well, if I have done a good job, it might be - if it is rubbish perhaps less easy!)

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