Lemons (3rd and final attempt at the 'yellow' challenge)

Lemons (3rd and final attempt at the 'yellow' challenge)

Great trio of yellow work Thea all a success and this one especially so

A cracker, Thea! Simplicity at its best!

Great stuff lovely yellow piece . Love the washes at the bottom, lovely.

Thank you very much Dennis, Seok and Dennis for such encouraging comments. I think I am 'yellowed' out now, but it has made me much more confident in using the colour, which I suppose is the bonus of trying these challenges.

..and it worked very well Thea. I do like the design element of the squares and stripes. All the challenges do much to increase confidence. When I try them, it feels like the beginning of another painting 'journey'. Something new and different..my painting enthusiasm which can sometimes be lacking seems to return. I'd thought just yellow would be impossible and you've proved me wrong!

Good yellow Challenge

Great just as your green apples are too!:)linda

A great challenge Thea and this works very well. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Thank you very much Louise, Glennis, Linda and Christine for your very kind comments. Louise, I also thought that yellow would prove to be too difficult, but actually, when I got into it, it wasn't quite as bad as I first thought. Moving on now - what's next I wonder??

I am entirely confident that I couldn't have done this - I'm not keen on working with yellow to start with (oil seed rape fields are my particular bugbear) and to get these modulations in tone in this very difficult colour is an achievement.

The difficulty in painting in yellow is that unlike other monochrome works it so difficult to get tonal qualities but you seem to have overcome this - congrats.

Great yellows Thea, lovely yellow challenge.

Really like this, Thea. You seem to know instinctively just when to stop painting which I so often fail to do. Looking forward to your red piece.

Red?? What have I missed? lol must catch up as I almost missed this delightful mellow yellow painting!

I think this great. I haven't recovered from the blue yet, but who knows. If I get rid of this cold ....

Thank you very much, Robert (and I am sure you could do it!), Michael, Carole, John, Debs and Gudrun for such lovely positive comments. Yes, Debs, red one coming up tomorrow! John, knowing when to finish...mmmm...it is a tricky one but I have a horror of losing all my white paper which tends to put the brakes on me when I get close to finishing a painting. It can only take one brushstroke or one splash of paint to tip over the edge of doing too much so it is always a lottery to recognise when the checkered flag has been waved which is part of the fun of painting I suppose.

Hang on Studio Wall

A bit predictable as the lemons are already yellow, but it was more of a problem to show the shadows on the bowl and to try to suggest a foreground and background without the painting ending up being too overwhelmingly YELLOW!

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