Floral Burst

Floral Burst

I can even hear the music - and deservedly so - great experiment.

This is fabulous Thea! So colourful and quite abstract, I really like it.

Love the hit & miss approach in this one Thea......and the wobbley pen work!

Well this is different Thea, a real burst of colour! I do like the way that the paint all merges together and runs across the flowers. It would have been tempting to pick out the flower and leaf shapes and yet you've just over run them and my goodness, the result is good!

Thank you very much Michael. Christine, Fiona and Louise for your encouragement (which I need as I am not a confident experimenter!). Louise, I didn't want to just negatively paint white flowers, so I let the washes drift over the petal so as to hint at all the different shadows. I didn't have a clue how it was going to turn out, but in the end I thought it was not too bad.

I agree with everyone, it is a great painting Thea

Wobbly in the nicest way. Part of the charm is knowing when to stop, and you have got it spot on. As fresh as a daisy !

As you said yourself Thea, not bad at all!

So bright and cheerful Thea, and so evocative of the sixties and flower power. A very successful experiment.

Stunning, Thea! Different from your usual style, but it definitely bears your stamp of charm, lightness of touch, vitality and good solid draughtsmanship.

Sorry for the late comment, Thea. But I saw it and immediately knew it was one of yours. Very well done in your typical style.

Fresh as a daisy and perfectly painted!

... and now for something completely different. Works well!

Lovely attractive painting-good repetition of shapes

Hang on Studio Wall

Now for something completely different (as Monty Python would say). My husband bought me a bunch of white daisies so I had a go at doing a pen and wash of them, but stepping outside my comfort zone somewhat and trying a different style. I did use a bit of white gouache for the spattering, etc but otherwise it is watercolour and pen. Done on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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