Noah Aged 6 Months

Noah Aged 6 Months

A lovely pertrayal of baby vulnerability, Thea....quite special!

Thea, this is beautiful... Your brush strokes are so fluidic, at the same time very substantial. A skill and talent, I truly admire...

Thank you Ruth and Yu Ping (I never know - is that your first name or have I got it wrong - please tell me). I really appreciate your very lovely comments. I did struggle with the nose a bit as Noah has (and still has) a rather stubby little nose that is quite wide. I kept thinking it looked wrong but in the end I had to accept that this was actually how it was and to get a decent likeness I had to go with that. Portraits are so tricky like that. Anyway, as always your positive feedback makes me want to go and do more and improve.

Thea, my maiden name is Wu Yu Ping, which changed to Yu Ping Eddy after I married Mr. Eddy. “Yu” is my generation name. It means stone (jade). “Ping” is my personal (given) name, and it refers to a water plant floating in a pond. This word is used frequently in sentimental poetry, where it means “chance encounter” (derived from the gypsy-like character of the Ping plants, which go where the water travels). I usually do not pay too much attention to minor flaws in a painting, unless they become a defect reflecting poor quality. Both I and my life are full of flaws, which I have grown to cherish and from which I am constantly learning. I pay most attention to the expression in a work of art, rather than the techniques. I believe each brush stroke or colour patch, as well as each line and shape, reflects the inner aesthetic values of the individual. This is what I like about your work.

So it is appropriate to call you Yu Ping or just Ping (like an English 'first name' like Thea). We don't have generation names, so this is a different concept. Thank you for your explanation about how you feel about painting and art. I do so agree with you - it is always the expressiveness that I value rather than technique. Technique helps you interpret your subject but I feel it should never be valued above artistry.

Yes. call me Ping.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I spotted it right out of the masses of postings! You're really superb at this Thea, and they get better and better! I just love everything about it. I think what shines through most is a Nana's love for her subject!

Thea. I love your portraits. It was your gallery that inspired me to have a go. I hope to continue to improve as much as you have. Thank you for your comments on my first attempt. By the way, Hector is quite a talent too.

Lovely, beautiful portrait, Thea. You are so good at everything you paint! Stunning!!

Thea, you get the complexion colours just right as you do his features. Nothing looks wrong or out of place. Don't know how you do it!!

Adorable! I love your loose and wet treatment in watercolour. Your portraits of children and babies are so very soft with wonderful well chosen colours. Very attractive

Well - what can I say - I am thrilled and so grateful for everyone's really lovely comments. I am absolutely hooked on portrait painting now and positive feedback is wonderful and gives me the push to continue trying to improve.

This is sooo good Thea and his little snub nose is perfect. Although I admire your still lives and landscapes I think portraits are your forte.

Thank you so much, Val. I do really enjoy portraits, probably much better than other subjects now, but I ring the changes to keep myself fresh. P.S. I read about your exhibition problem - don't worry - in about 50 years someone will tell the story of how they acquired a Val Kenyon for a paltry sum and it now it is worth thousands!!

I hope you are now starting to believe, from all the wonderful comments above, how very good your portraits are Thea? This is no exception - beautifully painted and quite quite charming. I can't wait to see it in the flesh!

Everybody else has said it all, baby features perfectly portrayed. Smashing!

Thea, I'm not one for commenting on portraits of any kind especially family ones as they are precious to the artist for various reasons but this is a superb painting. It is a simple subject, uncluttered and conveys a great emotion. The eyes are super and I love the lost and found edges that you have employed.........Great work, Alan.

Thank you very much, Julia, Jenny and Alan. I am a bit overwhelmed by how nice everyone has been about this painting and so very grateful for the support and encouragement.

Thea, this is beautiful. You are a master ( mistress ? ) of water colour !

Hi Thea, he is absolutely adorable. I think it is one of your best child portraits. Kind regards Olga

This is fabulous, I love the simplicity but complexity of the face, brilliant , just brilliant!

Thank you Kate, Olga and Dave for such praise - lovely to have such kind words and so much appreciated.

I just found your gallery Thea. I love it . such a confident style.

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My latest portrait, which is of my four year old grandson, Noah, when he was about 6 months old. Watercolour on Langton 140lbs.

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