Tabitha Rose

Tabitha Rose

Super portrait - braver than me - I just can't seem to get into the mood to paint portraits let alone actually paint one.

What a delightful looking little girl and a gorgeous portrait of her Thea!

Thank you very much Michael and Satu for your approval. Michael, I am sure you are well qualified to paint a very good portrait - now there's a challenge for you!

What a delightful portrait!

Thank you very much, Jillie - a much appreciated comment.

A captivating image. A beautiful piece of work produced by delicate washes and a light touch of the brush.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 15 Mar 06:31:37

Beautiful portrait Thea, delightful

They all said it, much beter than I can: this is so delicate, lively and spontaneous, Thea. Stunning.

Tabitha Rose, as pretty as a picture!

Simple and immediate...this is one that she will keep. That aside, 'captive stress' has been re posted. Now that the justified criticism has been done, I suggest ignoring it or if one must...have some fun with it with humour and ridicule. He's only attention seeking rather like a small child and that's one way to deal with him. You may have 'contacts' on pol...I'd be inclined to spread the word. Apologies if this is disproportionate to your lovely sketch...Roger Knapik

Thank you CA, Petra, Mia, Debs and Roger for your nice compliments on my portrait - so much appreciated. (Roger, as for our charming friend - he hasn't re-posted the painting, but has deleted the comments. Another member of POL has alerted me to the fact that the Terms and Conditions of the site state that "you may not use our site for the purpose of harming or attempting to harm minors in any way and "you may not send material which does not comply with our content standards". I would say that Captive Stress contravenes both these terms, wouldn't you? I wonder if POL will do anything about it? I personally think they should'.)

Beautiful sensitively painted portrait Thea and what an intelligent pretty face!

Lovely portrait Thea, looks so simple but I can vouch through experience that it is anything but. This is the first time I have seen your portrait gallery, what a great collection !

Thank you very much Louise and Sharon - so very kind of you to comment so nicely. I have to say that Tabitha doesn't normally look so serene as she is usually a feisty, full on lass - this must have been one of her rare moments of calm!

You have captured her freshness and youth. Lovely use of colour as usual.

re- Captive Stress. I agree Thea when I saw the painting in the gallery I thought it most unsuitable and I also would like to see it removed.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 15 Mar 19:00:53

Lovely and uncomplicated painting of a beautiful little girl.

This is so delicate Thea, beautiful child.

Thank you very much Gudrun, CA, Helen and Karyl for your really lovely comments. CA, I totally agree and hope very much that it, and any other like it that are posted in the future, are removed without delay in future.

I think this is lovely. Isn't it funny that what we think about never seems to go on paper in quite the same way as we imagine. However when the result is this good it doesn't matter.

Beautifully painted, Thea, so very much the English rose! She's gorgeous, and you've captured so much personality in her portrait.

Hang on Studio Wall

I think my four and a half year old grand-daughter is turning out to be my muse, as I have painted her quite a few times now. Funnily enough, this doesn't look entirely like her because she was pulling a rather unusual face for her - a rather grown up one really. I haven't done a portrait for a while and it is funny how rusty you get. However, my portraits never turn out how I see them in my head as those are wilder, free-er and more abandoned, but I am coming to the conclusion that this is very much how I paint a portrait so I had jolly well better get on and be content with that. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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