The Ghastly Greens Challenge!

The Ghastly Greens Challenge!

I'm green with envy Thea, you've produced a very clever painting! I'm going to have to have a go at this now!

All those greens! Have you recovered yet from using the colours and overcome your aversion? lol. Actually, it's a lovely green painting you should be rather proud of.

I do like the way you've handled and blended the different greens in this - very effective. Perhaps it should now be your bete vert, earning you Greenie points (oh dear, I'll get my coat......)

Yes Thea, greenie points well earned! Love the shadowy greens on the fruit.

Thank you very much Christine, Louise, Bill and Frank for your very kind and amusing comments. I just put the gallery page up and recoiled slightly as all this 'greenness' came up, but I am slowly getting used to it. Like the idea of 'greenie' points and 'bete vert' - great expression!

Hi Thea. I've just said to Louise that I've been away but like her green figures and street scene. Then I found your Greens above. I love them and the loose style that you have used. I guess I have missed a challenge along the way - for which I am grateful!

I love the green you used, you have earned your brownie points

Wow - fantastic painting Thea - like others I am also green with envy

Thanks Gudrun, Lionel, Better and Joseph - well, it's a bit of fun really, isn't it. Perhaps now I won't be quite so scared of my bete vert! Come on now guys - anyone else for a go??

A bit of fun maybe - but a great outcome Thea.

Marvellous result Thea! It's really effective!!

Thank you Michael and Satu. I have just attempted the alizarin/viridian challenge and managed to produce something quite hideous I'm afraid. I might post it if I have enough to drink!

Brownie points awarded Thea! A very nice Still Life :)

This is really, really beautiful, Thea. Going away for a few days, I certainly will have a go next week!!!

No shuddering Thea I love these greens.

Thank you very much Mia, Sarah and Carole for being so kind as to comment. This one is actually growing on me a bit - never thought I would say that!

Nothing ghastly about this Thea - it's absolutely superb. The tones are excellent.

This is simply marvellous Thea! The whole of your portfolio is amazing. Charles had better watch out!

Hang on Studio Wall

Well, I steeled myself and have risen to the challenge to do a painting using just the dreaded green (my bete noire colour). This painting rather makes me shudder, but at least I had a go. Can't remember who actually set the challenge in the first place, but I hope I have earned a couple of Brownie points with them at least!

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