Tea For Three

Tea For Three

Very nice Thea, love your loose style! Very effective...Best regards Steve

Love this, Thea! I like the spontaneity of the piece, coupled with the stunning blend of luminous colors. Well done!

Thank you very much Stephen and Seok. So nice to get some positive feedback, especially when you are trying something a bit different.

You know by now I expect that I feel it's a good idea to try something different and 'stretch' ourselves. That's the excitement of painting for me. We just don't know unless we try things out. I can tell you had fun doing this and isn't it just lovely! I love the white gouache splashes (which wash off clothes!) and the pretty colours used.

Oh no....scribbly pen work!! Thea, it's charming, I love the freedom of it. How about a tea cup abstract......no....okay, just a thought!Lol.

Thank you very much Louise and yes, it did wash off my clothes! Thank you Fiona and Gudrun - that's what I was aiming for - scribbly and free lines, so glad it came over like that. Abstract, Gudrun, that might be a bridge too far for me!

The others have said so well Thea, lovely painting, really pretty and attractive!

A charming little painting Thea and unmistakably you!

These teacups are fairly 'rattling' of your palette [ excuse pun!] and none the worse for that I, like Louise, think you should explore this theme more, how about a teapot next?

Very inspiring - I think I'll dig out my vintage cups and saucers and have a go. Thank you!

I think you have started something here Thea - I might do a tea and scone one. I really love this series that you are doing - very beautiful.

Nice and loose and free - I'll drink to that Thea

Thank you very much Satu, Christine, Debs, Rosalind, Jospeh and Michael for such lovely comments on my 'experiment'. Now I'll have to keep going and do more, won't I, lol! Debs suggests a teapot and although I am usually a teabag in a mug sort of person, I do believe I have a teapot lurking somewhere in my cupboard. Might just drag it out and give it a go. Like the idea of tea and scones, Joseph. In my innocence I thought retirement meant sitting by the fire, doing the crossword and eating scones and jam - how wrong I was!! I don't think I have ever worked harder in my life than I do now - not part of the plan I can tell you.

So fresh and charming, can't decide which version appeals most. Referring back to your photography problem : is it my eyesight, or do those parts of white paper which are surrounded by another colour in this one, for instance in the centre cup and saucer, appear whiter than the white background? I don't know what help that is if its true, but thought I'd mention it.

Mine's an earl grey Thea :) Delightful, beautifully done.

Very delicate watercolour - I really like the loose effect.

Hang on Studio Wall

More teacups. Louise will be proud of me, lol! I rarely develop a theme in the way that she does, but I wanted to try a pen and wash of some of my teacup collection, but in a casual and loose way, so came up with this. I spattered some white gouache on just for good measure (and managed to cover my trousers, sweater and face with white splashes as well - why does gouache go everywhere like that - watercolour doesn't and stays where you want it?). Pen and wash on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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