Surfboards At Mousehole

Surfboards At Mousehole

Super work Thea, this is lovely with all the brightly coloured surfboards standing against the wall with the lovely little row of cottages behind, these pen and wash works with their jaunty colours are great reminders of summer and a joy to see as we hurtle towards goodness knows what the winter holds for us all!

Thank you, Ros, for that vote of confidence. I do have to thank Louise for the shove she gave me - we all need someone with an electric cattle prodder at times, don't we, lol!

Well, Thea, because this is such a lovely and lively painting, we can't wait to see the next one! It seems to me that none of us are actually fully satisfied with what we do - and, I guess, that is why we keep producing new work. I, too, have been having trouble recently, but one pic is nearing completion. Keep at it, Thea; we love seeing your work!

More than just hope - full of energy.

This is full of energy and interest Thea. Lovely!

Really colourful and lots to see Thea.

I think it's a disease that artists have. I think it's called everythingIdo is rubbish itus. This is not rubbish though and I think this is a great style for you. I've liked every one of these images. I'm not going to say have more confidence in what you do because if you're anything like me it falls on deaf ears. Please do more of these..

One of the little gems again Thea! If I could produce something like this I would be a very proud girl. Fill your socks with confidence, no more hiding in drawers, enjoy painting and show the world what you can do. X

Well, you know how much I like this one!

Lovely pretty scene, I like it a lot too!

Thank you very much Lionel, Michael, Christine, Carole, Dawn, Satu and Louise for such wonderfully uplifting comments - means everything to this poor shaky artist! Actually, Dawn is right - we all seem to have these dips in confidence - goes with the territory I suppose. I have thought about this quite a bit and I also think it is the 'familiarity breeds contempt' factor. You spend time working on a painting, get so familiar with it that it ceases to have that vital surprise factor. I know that I open up the gallery and frequently go 'wow' as a painting hits me. You lose that with your own work I find and when I put work out of sight and leave it for a week or so, I can re-capture some of that surprise quality which often makes me review my first decision.

Daring and dynamic Thea, and they get better and better!!

A stunning piece, Thea, with a really fun and joyful atmosphere and palette. You're too hard on yourself. If I'd painted this I would have posted it on the spot. A piece you can be really proud of!

I also think this is very good and just as importantly, I recognise your style straight away. it's interesting that you paint very confidently and yet we are all a bit unsure about our own work aren't we?

I also think this is very good and just as importantly, I recognise your style straight away. it's interesting that you paint very confidently and yet we are all a bit unsure about our own work aren't we?

Can find no fault - love it!

A delightful riot of colour Thea, I love it.

The number of positive comments reveals your success in this delightful painting! I like it very much - lots of bright colour, energy and interest I, too, am trying pen and wash following a tutorial in our art group. I hope I can get some way up to your standard.

Thank you very much, Fiona, Seok, Stephen, Avril, Val, Chris and Gudrun for all your very lovely comments. You are lucky, Chris, as I have tried to find a class on pen and wash without any success. Looking forward to seeing some of your work in the medium.

(Thanks for your comments on my latest!) I am constantly gob-smacked by the amount of detail - suggested or painted - that you manage to include in your fantastic paintings!

Posted by Ann Cook on Thu 28 Nov 09:27:35

Thea, everything is dancing on your picture!:) Lovely gallery!

Thank you very much Ann and Bronia for such lovely comments. Ann, I love detail and usually have to keep a rein on myself when doing a normal painting. However, I feel less constrained with pen and wash so can indulge in all those little bits and pieces to give it life.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and Wash. I painted this over two weeks ago and did my usual - looked at it and found nothing but faults. I emailed it to Louise who told me to post it, but I shoved it in a drawer instead. I had another look tonight and (this is getting to be monotonous I know) it seems to have grown on me. I think I am a lost cause when it comes to assessing anything I paint. Anyway,at least I am really enjoying this sortie in the world of pen and wash and can't wait to start the next one, so that is definitely a positive. There may be hope for me yet. (Or I could just stick to snails, lol!)

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