Hyland House, Essex - LP Project

Hyland House, Essex - LP Project

It's nice to see how different artists approach these projects. This definately has the 'Thea' stamp on it. I like the snow. Effects too.

It really is smashing Thea, must look up the project and see how you did, if they do adjudicate or judge. The fact that you have learned from the one liners is interesting too.

OH sorry....and I hope you are feeling better now.

Thank you, Stephen and Derek, very kind of you. You know me, Stephen - nothing gets past my variation of doing things - can never resist! Derek, the LP run a project every month, which lasts over two editions of the magazine. You are supposed to send your version into POL and they put it on the gallery, but I just put mine on myself. It isn't judged or anything - just there for people to see all the different interpretations.

P.S. Thank you Derek, I am gradually throwing this nasty virus off, but have now managed to dislocate and break a toe, so I am confined to barracks for the time being. At least I now have no excuse not to paint!

Definitively a Thea painting here!! Beautiful, simple, eye catching, fun and happy. I agree what you said about the 20%, it's better to have a little look now and then to keep on track. We all have learnt so much with the oneliners and gained confidence by tackling subjects that we normally would reject straight away. I know the feeling about spoilt Xmas, I caught a virus from my granddaughter and stayed in bed from Xmas day until the end of the year. Fortunately it's nearly gone now and I can start to think about new projects. I hope that you are well now too!

Ah, Satu - another victim of the dreaded lurgy, eh! It has been a bad one - my little granddaughter was ill for nearly a month with it. I am better bar the cough and the tiredness. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I agree about the one liners giving confidence to tackle many subjects that we would have all shied away from before. I did think to myself that I couldn't continue drawing blind for the rest of my days, so I wanted to find a way to use what I have learned and then move forward with it. I hit of the 80/20 format as that seems to keep the spontaneity of the UDOLs but allows for a little more control and accuracy. Observing closely and for longer seems to be the key to it all and that is something that I am definitely working with now.

I really like your version of the LP challenge Thea and it is definitely recognisable as yours! I have also been laid up with a nasty virus and with a houseful of family members to cater for too! Much as I love my family I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the last ones left yesterday afternoon. Hopefully after a few days R&R I will feel like picking up my paint brush again! Hope you're soon fully recovered and Satu too.

Yup we have the lurgy as well though happily not a fractured toe ....horrid . I like this and yet I dint usually even bother with the LP copy jobs as you know I am a bit of an arty snob on occasion. But I can see where all your one liner efforts are taking you. It's great . I love the Christmas Milly she is wonderful. I am escaping the forum at the moment it's becoming a bit ...we'll you know. Happy New Year and hope the toe is better soon. As it is we can both cough in unison.

Great colour and great drawing Thea

I don't usually see the Leisure Painter but did this month obviously. The idea is to 'help draw perspective and form correctly'.. I'd say that you've certainly done a good job with the one continuous line. It's all there without being fussy and you've created a lively, colourful painting! Super!!

Thank you Christine, Slyvia, Dennis, Gudrun and Louise for your kind comments. Oh Christine and Sylvia - not you as well - this bug seems to have been doing the rounds, doesn't it. I hope you are much improved but it does seem to leave one feeling very unenthusiastic and tired. Hope that passes soon.

The house really sings against that sky! A completely different approach from the others that works well Thea.

Excellent work Thea .. and one-liner only !!!

A great start to the new year Thea. Full of vitality (even if YOU aren't!) with the snow and wonderfully dark background. Do get better soon and I look foreward to seeing your postings in 2015.

Good to see that you've retained all the freshness so appealing about your style in your latest. Instantly recognizable as a Thea! Have a happy and healthy new year :)

Like this drawing Thea, hope you are feeling much better?

Thank you very much Fiona, Petra, Avril, Lesley and Carole for your kind comments. I am feeling better, Carole, although the broken toe is causing considerable grief at the moment. I should learn to be less clumsy! Happy New Year to you as well Lesley - lets hope it is a good one for us all artistically.

Haven't seen the challenge but I bet this a super example!! Sorry you haven't been well and that your poor toe is better soon.

Thanks, Debs - do you get the LP? It was in there this month and in the new Feb edition, where it shows what the artist who set the challenge did with it. Very different from mine I'm afraid! Toe is super painful - silly really as it is only a toe but I can feel bones grating - yuk!

This is a gloriously glowing piece, Thea - I love your palette and the clean, confident lines. Superb stuff and a very happy new year to you!

Missed this first time round and haven't seen the LP but this is a glorious depiction and I especially like the way you have treated the background - trees , sky - it doesn't really matter.

Hang on Studio Wall

Ill and bored over Christmas, I decided to have a go at the LP Project in last month's mag. The result isn't that inspired, but at least I tried. It is a one liner, but I did look quite a bit as I am now trying to move the one liner method on so that you look at your reference about 80% of the time, but then use the other 20% for quick checks on the drawing. I have definitely found that my observational skills have improved since doing all the blind drawings and I shall make sure in future that I study my subject a lot more closely than I have ever done in the past - so a good and useful lesson learned.

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